Hi there!

What do you think of this.

Show how many cards you ship daily in avarage, while you’re waiting for your card.

It helps to know that the que is moving swiftly :slight_smile:

Comes from a to be customer waiting for his


Hi @Jezzo

There a spreadsheet managed by @alexs with some crowd sourced data about Monzo users:

This is unofficial data, not provided by Monzo, so please take it with grain of salt. Numbers we have are a bit spotty, so it’s difficult to reliably tell how many cards are sent/activated a day - but it’s sure a lot.

I know that waiting in the queue can be a pain, so… insider tip for you :star_struck: - there’s a thread with golden tickets on forums. Having a golden ticket allows you to skip the queue. Feel free to browse and maybe grab one? :wink:

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Hey there!

Thank you for the data and tip!

But it is supposed to motivate newly registered members :slight_smile:

Sort of a suggestion for developers.

I’m okay with waiting, I also can see that the que is decreasing quickly, so double okay :slight_smile:

Thanks once again

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Sure, I kinda get that, but I’d be too excited to wait :smirk: , but that’s definitely a personal preference. I waited too because I kinda missed the forum bit… and I didn’t know about golden tickets either ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Once you are through and you activated the card, it will help Alex greatly if you could update his thread with date of activation and Monzo number (it will be in the app / Settings).

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