Waiting list not going down

(Marie) #1

Is something meant to be happening? I’m still in exactly the same spot on the app in the waiting list as I was before Christmas?

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I wouldn’t have thought a lot of cards went out over christmas or the 3 working days since new year as most staff were presumably on holiday :slight_smile:

but timescales for delivery are mentioned in this other thread

Obtaining a Monzo card

(Johnny Ellwood) #3

@hugo I’m sure you mentioned something like this in one of the other forums…

(Jake MacGregor) #4

Yeah I’d guess that it’s to do with the festive period - the only work that was getting done over the past two weeks was crappy shift work (aka my job) and essential stuff. I’d bet it’ll start moving again very soon.

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Two friends I know logged into monzo after signing up before Xmas. Both were in a huge queue.

They both signed out of their apps, and then signed back in and in both cases they were offered a monzo card straight away.

Try that and see if it works x

(Hugh Wells) #6

If people DM me the email address they signed up with, I would be happy to advance people in the queue :slight_smile:

(Marie) #7

Thank you, it didn’t work for me though! X

(Marie) #8

how do I DM you?! I can’t figure this out

(Hugh Wells) #9

No worries - I’ve reached out to you :slight_smile:

(Johnny Ellwood) #10

I tagged the wrong person there @hugo, meant to tag you @HughWells

(Hugh Wells) #11

Cards have only just started going out again after the holiday :slight_smile:

(Jennifer Stones) #12

Hi Hugh,

I have had the app for about a week now and haven’t moved in the queue, I’m not sure how I dm you though?




If you are a brand new user on this Discourse community you can not send DMs (as this privilege is granted after a short while, not immediately, to avoid spammers) however I am sure @HughWells will reply soon

(Hugh Wells) #14

Hey @jjstones19!

I’ve just sent you one :raised_hands:


Would be interested to know how Monzo is ramping up the card production/shipping to cope with more users in the waiting list? There always seems to be a significant waiting list, which whilst good for marketing purposes does seem to be causing a lot of frustration from new users?

(Hugh Wells) #16


The waiting list is something we will be reviewing in the future.

At the moment, I think the plan is to keep the waiting list for the foreseeable future, and especially until the end of the prepaid programme. We anticipate that we will start receiving large volumes of card orders from those still on the prepaid programme before and after the 4th of April (when we close the programme). We need the flexibility to reduce the number of people we take from the waiting list as new customers, offering priority to those with prepaid cards who may be relying on the card and need a replacement urgently (because it will have/imminently stop(ped) working)


Just curious as to whether the amount of cards requested has been growing substantially over time? As there has always seemed to be a fairly large backlog proportionally? Or is it that both production and card request have been growing similarly over time if that makes sense?

(Hugh Wells) #18

Sure! I will go and seek out some data for you :mag:

(Hugh Wells) #19

So, I’ve had a look at some data which I hope will help. I compared the card orders from 11-02-2018 to 17-02-2018 with 11-03-2018 to 17-03-2018:

March Total card orders as a % of total capacity % Upgrade % Waiting List Signups
Sunday 11th 66% 57% 43%
Monday 12th 51% 50% 50%
Tuesday 13th 63% 63% 37%
Wednesday 14th 55% 58% 42%
Thursday 15th 55% 56% 44%
Friday 16th 65% 67% 33%
Saturday 17th 48% 51% 49%
Febuary Total card orders as a % of total capacity % Upgrade % Waiting List Signups
Sunday 11th 45% 43% 57%
Monday 12th 43% 38% 62%
Tuesday 13th 37% 41% 59%
Wednesday 14th 34% 37% 63%
Thursday 15th 44% 46% 54%
Friday 16th 53% 58% 42%
Saturday 17th 38% 42% 58%

This comes with a few caveats:

  • I’m not a data scientist and I calculated these percentages by hand (before I found the CSV output option :see_no_evil:)
  • This represents a very, very narrow segment of data.
  • It doesn’t include replacement cards

However, with my untrained eyes I can see:

  • Upgrades remain the majority of card orders for now
  • Card orders have increased in this week in March, compared with the same week in February

I haven’t drawn a graph. If you want, you can make a shiny one :slight_smile: I hope this helps :+1:

No more waiting list!
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I’ve always been a fan of an exploded pie chart myself.

Interesting data but the highest has been 66% of capacity. Why not run it at 90% and cut the wait? Unless I’ve misinterpreted what you mean by capacity