Waiting List 106,861!?

Hi All,

I have just found out about Monzo and was really excited! That was until I tried to sign up and was told that 106,861 people are a head of me in the waiting list!!!

Is this right?! If so how long will it take to get an account?!!

Any advice would be appreciated

Thank you


when Monzo was moving everybody over to Current Accounts from prepaid cards they were sending out roughly 4000 cards a day so about three week waiting time ???

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Someone was very kind and sent me a Golden Ticket so I’m not just waiting for my card to arrive. I suspect it may have been a very long wait otherwise!

I’m glad to see that it is so popular though


:exploding_head: Damn!!

Fun thing is though… I can’t decide whether or not that’s excellent or terrible :wink: Hear me out; legacy banks aren’t likely to see 100k+ users signing up at once, I bet there’s far fewer than that!

I think Monzo are already using 2 (or 3?) card manufacturers to balance the load so perhaps Monzo isn’t the bottleneck, it’s just super hard to get cards in high enough quantities to fulfill the huge hot-coral demand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::monzo:

But regardless, 3 weeks seems extensive so I’m really glad you received a Golden Ticket @Sarah.B :smiley:

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I thought someone said that number was a bug? Does anyone at Monzo know how long the queue actually is?

Yup, the number is a little bugged atm!

Let’s continue discussing this here: