Waiting List 106,861!?

(Sarah B) #1

Hi All,

I have just found out about Monzo and was really excited! That was until I tried to sign up and was told that 106,861 people are a head of me in the waiting list!!!

Is this right?! If so how long will it take to get an account?!!

Any advice would be appreciated

Thank you


( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

when Monzo was moving everybody over to Current Accounts from prepaid cards they were sending out roughly 4000 cards a day so about three week waiting time ???

(Sarah B) #3

Someone was very kind and sent me a Golden Ticket so I’m not just waiting for my card to arrive. I suspect it may have been a very long wait otherwise!

I’m glad to see that it is so popular though

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #4

:exploding_head: Damn!!

Fun thing is though… I can’t decide whether or not that’s excellent or terrible :wink: Hear me out; legacy banks aren’t likely to see 100k+ users signing up at once, I bet there’s far fewer than that!

I think Monzo are already using 2 (or 3?) card manufacturers to balance the load so perhaps Monzo isn’t the bottleneck, it’s just super hard to get cards in high enough quantities to fulfill the huge hot-coral demand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::monzo:

But regardless, 3 weeks seems extensive so I’m really glad you received a Golden Ticket @Sarah.B :smiley:


I thought someone said that number was a bug? Does anyone at Monzo know how long the queue actually is?

(Richard Cook) #7

Yup, the number is a little bugged atm!

Let’s continue discussing this here:

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