Multi device support

So I’ve been a almost 2 year Monzo customer and as a UK bank it is exceptional for the functionality you get!

However, in my honest opinion we need Android to Android and Apple to Apple device support.

We have one Android and iPhone log in at once support but we don’t have Android to Android or Apple to Apple support. A majority of other UK banks offer this, including Starling.

Its annoying because I have an Android tablet as well and if I’m using that I’d like to be able to look at my money without having to relogin to my Monzo account or be asked to enter photo ID after my account was blocked (happened once).

TLDR: Login to more than one device at a time


If I understand correctly you essentially just want to be logged in on more than one device at time?

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To put it simply yes, and not use the emergency Monzo site as that’s restricted.

With some things in place; need photo ID to login to Monzo for example as Starling do this.

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You can add your voice to one of these. I would’ve wanted this too but I can’t see it happening as If it was going to, it might’ve by now.

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