Monzo on iPad and iPhone at the same time

Quite often, I’m in the situation when I’m sorting finances, where I want Monzo open on my iPad, and other stuff open on my phone. As I use my phone mainly for Monzo, it feels quite counterintuitive and convoluted to have to log into the iPad app, which then logs out of the phone app…

I was wondering why it’s not possible to open two iterations of the same app, if it detects and approves that it’s you?



At this time, you can only have 1 instance of the app active on a single platform.

So if you want to use an iPad and a phone, the phone will have to be an Android phone - so one instance per platform.

Now, don’t think that I’m not being ungrateful, but what use is it to just fire over all the old posts about an unresolved request? Every post is from over 3 years ago, with some going back 7 years.

Sometimes you can’t do right for doing wrong.


Exactly. It’s been asked for dozens of times over the years, all the answers you want are in the threads linked and another thread asking the same question won’t help.

Another vote/question in a popular topic is more worthwhile than another thread.


And smack in the middle is the actual answer too :man_shrugging:

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Fully aware of all the times it’s been asked over the years. However, it’s *edited: nearly * 2024, and the specific question relates to knowledge of the fact it does have these limitations, but I would like to know from Monzo and a technical point of view, not necessarily users or previous employees saying that you can’t. You see, that’s not really helpful in understanding the issue.

It’s 2023. Unless you know a specific Monzo person to tag in, they’re unlikely to respond, let alone with a satisfactory answer to your question. Good luck tho.

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Don’t think so.

Why did you make a new thread rather than using one of the others?

It’s incredibly unlikely anyone from Monzo will reply to you.

Ha, meant to say *nearly 2024.

Someone who likes details too, great.

So, initially I was going through the same problem with doing my finances on my iPad rather than my iPhone (because it’s easier with a proper keyboard).

I decided to navigate to the Monzo Community page, ran a quick search, clicked on ‘Concurrent App Logins’ but unfortunately, it was closed on 5th January, with no new comments since 2017. I then clicked on ‘Multiple App Logins’ but that one was closed in January too.

So, feeling a bit dejected at the whole concept being thrown out, rather than going through any more, I created a new thread, but this time asking if there is a more technical reason it’s never been approached. It seems strange to me that most browsers, email apps, or secure websites have the ability to view current sessions, and allow multiple devices.

So purely from a technical point of view, it’s important to get a full understanding from Monzo whether it’s particularly difficult to build, or remain secure, or another reason altogether.

And that, my fellow Monzonaut is the beginning and end of a perfectly innocent new thread.

It’s to be more secure. :slight_smile:


Not sure what response that it for - but sure. There are posts on this forum from (former) staff members at Monzo who commented on that (and UX to a bit of an extent) being the reasons for implementing it as such! :slight_smile:

Have a good day! :v:

Thanks… it was all a long time ago, so seems they’ve canned it in any upcoming roadmap.

I’m interested to understand what’s more secure, loads of emails from Monzo saying ‘click here to login on this device (oh, and don’t share this email with anyone else)’ as opposed to controlling your logged on devices. :man_shrugging:t2:

Definitely being logged in one device of a type at a time vs multiple and having to manage them - which people won’t do.

Plus all the extra “I logged in one my friends phone and now my money is gone” lies for support to deal with.

There was a perfect example on the forum a few days ago - someone dropped their phone into water, and the screen on it died, though the rest of the phone seemed to continue to function.

They were very relieved to learn that the act of logging in on their replacement phone absolutely guaranteed that the other one was now NOT logged in any more.

Sadly, though, I’m with you - I wish we could long in on more than one device and have a manage page. I’d love to be able to get into Monzo on my tablet as well as my phone, even if only with exactly the same app.

But I meant the act of receiving an email feels strange, as so many people’s emails get hacked, so it feels like there’s an open door right there. :man_shrugging:t2: