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I have Monzo on my phone and my tablet and all the time it logs me out of one device, and I have to keep entering my email and click the link in the email. Surely when you leave the app on your phone it should log you out because I have fingerprint security to log into it. With the like of Nationwide App I can log onto both devices at the same time. Any plans to update this in the future to save me the hassle???


You’re only meant to have it on one device.

It’s part of Monzos 2FA. Hence why you don’t need to use a card reader to transfer money etc.

(As I was recently informed!)

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You can have it on an android and iOS I thought?


I have exactly the same issue with different devices and would love to have access from either tablet or phone without the e-mail confirmation procedure every time you switch

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This is what I’ve inferred from different places so might be wrong. But with that caveat:

Monzo originally didn’t have any sophisticated way of managing logged in sessions (with the sole exception of being able to be on one Android and one iOS device). This meant that if you connected to, say, Yolt through open banking, then wanted to disconnect it, you’d have to ask Support who, after a bit of back and forth, would disconnect you from every session (open banking, devices etc) - because that was the only way to do it.

Now, I believe, they’re building a bit more sophistication in the back-end. It’s not in the app yet, but I’m hopeful you’ll be able to manage all devices and connections from within Monzo (Starling is very good at this).


Yup :slight_smile:


This makes me so so happy! :geek: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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