Multi device log in

Worth making the effort so that you can log in via multiple devices like iPad and iphone without the need to go through the ententes security of a first time log in.

Perhaps making the iPad app compatible with iPad instead of a mini iPhone version on such a big screen.

There is no iPad app.

And I’d guess that security would be better if you were forced to log in each time (or if someone steals your other device, they are already logged in to your bank account).

I think the benefits (saving a couple of mins of your time) versus the risk (lowered security) would make this a no-go.

Just my opinion.

I don’t think the security argument makes any sense at all. Because I’m logged into my personal and my work phone, how does that make my account less secure? If one phone is stolen and somehow unlocked, they could easily get a magic link emailed to the device to log in if they so wanted. No other app I use only lets me log in on only one device at a time.

What would be better would be a ‘Log out of all sessions’ type button, or automatically logging out if you haven’t logged in in the past X days (7, 14, 120, whatever).

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I wasn’t suggesting it made complete sense, just that it may be the current thinking.

And yes, a log out of all sessions/timed log out would be welcome additions.

Regardless, until there is an iPad app I think this would only be useful for a minority of users, those who have more than one device. IMO.

There is an app for the iPad. It’s just not iPad UX, hence my point? Perhaps my comms are poor.

I also tend to find that my device has enough security to get in to it in the first place and Face ID or passcodes are a wonderful thing and again, you have that on the Monzo app.

My point is that it is not fluid in interface, it’s as if you have to completely sign out out of one device and do the whole text/email thing again on another device.

Speed of use is essential these days. I had an instance the other day where inlet my battery on my phone die in the middle of a transaction so I dived on the iPad to find I could pick up where I left off and as such, lost time and process.

Does that make sense?

Take Coinbase for instance (poor example maybe) but I can open on both devices and they are in sync perfectly. It doesn’t matter what I do and on what platform.

You’ve installed the Monzo app on your iPad? Didn’t realise you could do that.

And yes, I understand your request, I think I had it different in my head as I wasn’t aware there even was more than one ‘device’ accessible to me to use Monzo on.

I wonder how many people would use it though, how many people have more than one “smart” device?

Yes. Yes you can. As I said, it’s not user friendly yet though. It’s shows up exactly like the phone version in size. Hence the need to adapt it.

I find it useful for instances like I mentioned and also situations where I’m sat using the pad and my phone is not near me, reading, drawing, lounging about on the sofa.

It’s more internal form a home life perspective… totally agree that it won’t be used as much as your phone etc.

It’d just be nice not to have to treat your phone like a set of car keys in these situations.

Definitely a first world problem though ha.

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What is this madness you speak of!!

Ok, I’m convinced. I VOTE YES!

High 5!

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My comment wasn’t directed at you, rather the way Monzo operates the moment - letting you log in to only one device at a time, unless your other device is a different operating system. It makes no sense :man_shrugging:

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I like the car key analogy!

Multi-device support (currently only 1 per ecosystem) is more important than ever with the latest M1 Macs coming out that can run iOS apps, is it security stopping Monzo supporting more than one iOS device at a time?

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To this day I don’t understand the logic behind this decision. How is it any more secure to only allow one more device to be logged in?! if I’ve authenticated myself when logging in (admittedly the email magic link is a rubbish system, but it’s what Monzo has chosen) plus given my PIN before any transfers are made, then I should be allowed to log in on as many phones, tablets - and now Macs as I like :thinking:

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Exactly. I am having to use Bluestacks android emulator to view/manage my account as i’m not wanting to go through the process of logging my ipad back on if I want to view it on my phone.

I’d argue my workaround is very insecure