Ability to sign in from multiple devices simultaneously

It would be cool to be able to sign in from multiple devices without the session timing out. I tend to use my computer to do all my money management activities, and since Monzo doesn’t offer a full web interface yet, I am using Blue-stacks to sign in on my laptop, but every-time I do this, my mobile session gets signed out. So would be good If I could use Monzo across devices, Revolut allows that just fine.

Anyone else rooting for a Full web Interface?


A responsive web interface would be kinda cool.

I’m also uber keen on device /authentication management so you can log into multiple devices and manage API permissions from within the app. It’s a bit of an oversight to leave this so late, I think.


What I found odd is how discriminatory the App is if you have some sort of disability, you should be able to use the APP from many devices as some people with not be dexterous enough to use the APP

I think the ability to log into multiple devices is a must have feature for the medium term.

These are my thoughts about addressing the security implications of having multiple devices logged on:

  • I know Monzo are against having extra passwords for their app, but PINs should be suitable as an extra level of security.

  • Needs to be an area in the app where you can view all the devices you have logged in (similar to what companies like Google have). Makes sense for this area to be in the Profile section of the app.

  • Fingerprint/FaceID/passcode/PIN should be required to log out other accounts.

  • Toggle to use stuff like fingerprint sensors or FaceID to authenticate stuff needs to be local to each device.
    (ie: if you have fingerprint authentication on the Monzo app on your phone, then you log into Monzo on your tablet, fingerprint authentication should be initially set as ‘off’ on the iPad version of your app).

I have a feeling this might happen alongside business accounts.


Yep, Revolut does this really well. Fingerprint makes it so easy to log in…

I was referring to logging out the session of another device which is logged into your account, not a new method to login to your Monzo account on a different device.

(eg: you log into your Monzo account on your phone. You lose your phone. You go onto your Monzo account on a tablet or someone else’s phone and then log yourself out of your old (now missing) phone.)

It’s important that authentication is required to log out of devices you’re not currently using to prevent someone stealing your phone + card and then logging out any other devices you try to use to freeze your card or talk to Monzo support.

NB: obviously you shouldn’t need authentication to log out of the device you’re currently using from that device.

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Definitely an interesting issue and something I’ve faced too. This all comes down to 1 client only allowing 1 authenticated session at a time.

In response to the web interface, nah I just built my own website which does it all for me :joy: Problemo solved, but not something that works for everyone.

I spoke to Simon VC a while back about the state of the API and one of my recommendations was (as mentioned above) the capability to manage which clients are authenticated and remotely log them out. He mentioned that it was definitely an early requirement this year (obviously with the appreciation that priorities get changed)

I think once we have visibility of clients and the ability to securely switch them off, then that will help with this as at the moment.


This is happening :slight_smile:


I’d like to know what the official plan is for this ‘feature’ . I have a business account with Starling, and an able to use my work phone or my personal phone to access it without losing the session on the other device. If I were to even consider Monzo Business as a viable option then I’d want this behaviour also.

It so inconvenient for those of us that use multiple devices to manage their work flow.


If you’re interested in this I invite you to vote for it and urge other users to vote so it gets the team’s attention?

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Definitely something that I’d like. And oddly hadn’t voted for! (Since corrected).

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Thanks, By the way, having a fully featured desktop version of Monzo would be the ultimate solution for this: please vote here: Desktop version of the Monzo app (full feature Monzo Web).

I’m surprised this has so few votes. Never known another bank that doesn’t let you sign in on more than one device. I didn’t think it would be a big deal but when I look at how I use banking on devices, this is the thing that’ll be sending me back to Starling when I reopen with them (plus better iPad functionality, I never realised just how much banking I tend to do on my iPad).

First Direct doesn’t.