App active in more than one device

(Enrico donisi) #1

Dear Monzo,

I believe you should adapt your app to what all other banks in the street do: allow customers to access the app for multiple devices at the same.time without asking for email verification each time!

I would like to use monzo on my phone, ipad and have also my gf to be able to access in parallel!

Please consider to add this feature going forward!

(Tom Warren) #2

Another link for you here :wink::grinning:

(Alex Sherwood) #3

This is actually a security feature, as James explains here -

it could potentially be replaced / relaxed by a feature like the one that he describes or through this feature, from Monzo’s extraordinary ideas board -

it’s also worth noting that Monzo is reasonably relaxed about this, as you can currently log into your account from an iOS & Android device at the same time -

that also suggests to me that they will make this rule less restrictive in the future :crystal_ball:

Lastly, there’s been some more discussion about this idea in the posts above, in the topic that Tom’s shared with you & here -


Can I download the app onto my second phone and have access to account through either?

(Jake Oliver) #5

You can not login on the app on two phones (of the same OS) at once. When you login on one phone the other phone will get logged out I’m afraid.

(Bob) #6

You can if one is on IOS and the other on Android. If both using the same OS you will log the first out when logging on with the second.

(Andy) #7

Yes you can, i have my one plus 3T and my iPhone 7s plus logged in at the same time, and get notifications on both.

(Jake Oliver) #9

Yes I corrected that. I forgot that you can have it if the devices aren’t the same OS

(Justin) #10

This has also become a problem for me since - though I’ve only noticed it since the latest update. I’ve been configuring a device to use as a back-up while travelling, and cannot open the app on both devices without being asked to reauthenticate by email. I had previously been able to do this with one iPhone and one Android device (and I think sometime back an iPad as well), but in this case, both devices are iPhones.

While I understand this does make my account safer, both devices are locked by passcode and Touch ID, and I feel I ought to be able to choose to keep them both active. Is this a deliberate feature or is a solution likely to be developed that will make multi-device usage possible?


I have to agree with Justin, I want to be able to use the app on more than one iphone and eventually a bigger version on my ipad.


This is quite annoying.
With Revolut, I type a 4 digit pin to get into the app on whatever device.
With Monzo I either have no app security or I have a complicated email confirmation process, depending on whether I used my work or personal phone last time.
I would be happier to use Monzo as my main current account if there was always the same ‘friendly’ security (i.e. pin or biometrics) on all my devices.


Any news on this? This feature looks like a must have!