Multiple iOS devices or Web login?

Hi, I’m new to Monzo but loving the pink card already. Will be abroad with it for the first time next week however just thought, if I loose my phone, how can I access my balance etc?

is there a web portal?
way of adding to a second iphone (wife’s)

thanks in advance

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Hello @redroberts

You can use but there is very limited functionality, you can just check the latest transactions and freeze your card.

You should be able to add it to two devices, I had it for a while on my phone (iOS) and my work phone (android)

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You can be actively logged in on only one device per OS. So only one iPhone and one Android phone at a time.

The newest login takes precedent, so if you login to an iPhone whilst already logged into a different iPhone, you’ll be logged out on the oldest login.

@redroberts: you’ll be able to access your Monzo account on your wife’s phone if needs be.

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