Multiple App Logins

(Nathan) #1

Hi Monzo,

Can i firstly state how awesome the idea is and I can’t wait to get the current account, hopefully notlong now.

The problem im having at the moment i have multiple IOS devices (Iphone & Ipad) its a pain that i cant login to both apps simultaniously, one app keeps kicking the other out.

My parents also have a card and again they are having a similar issue with logging into the apps on one device it kicks them out the other.

Is there a plan to bring this feature in, as i have a barclays account currently and its handy to be able to login in on multiple devices.

Thanks & keep up the great work.


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(Caspar) #2

Agreed. I’d really like to be able to log in on my iPad, which I use as my main device at the weekend.

I think I read something about the plan was to allow you to log in on one iOS phone, one iOS tablet, and one Android phone at once, but hopefully I’m misremembering that - as it seems a bit silly not to allow users to log into as many devices as they need. I have a work phone I carry during the day and it’d be handy to be able to quickly check my balance on that if it happens to be closer by too.

(Leon) #3

Sounds like a security nightmare.

(Nathan) #4

Hi Patrice,

Im not saying to be logged in at the same time but having the ability to login on multiple devices.

For example i am banking with Barclays at the moment, i have the barclays app on my iphone & ipad and im able to login on either device, that is what im looking for with Monzo.



(Leon) #6

Huh? So you do want to log on to both of them at the same time.

(Caspar) #7

What’s insecure about letting me log in on multiple devices? How is it less secure than letting me log in on one?

(Nathan) #8

Sorry maybe im confusing the situation, im after the ability to be able to login to the app on different devices at same or different times without having to verify via email each time instead of just touch ID, just like i can with my other banking apps.


You’d essentially be logged in on two devices at the same and that’s, currently, not supported.

(Nathan) #10

Yes that the reason ive posted it in here, to see if this something thats in the pipe line or something being looked at.

(Alex Sherwood) #11

It’s sounding promising -

(Leon) #12

One way of stopping fraud is isp/location tagging. Now it makes it less effective if you can just pick up and use any device. I could be wrong.

(Marta) #13

You can only be logged in on one Android device and on one iOS device (2 total, but different OS)
You can’t be logged in on two android devices at the same time, the same for iOS.

(MikeF) #14

At the moment only if one phone is iOS and the second Android.

(David Zilvys) #15

Thank you all much appreciated

(David Zilvys) #16

Also the differnent question, but does anyone know if I can have Monzo connected on two phones using the same card? I might need to get a temp phone while in Japan to use a Japanese sim card but I want to access Monzo on it too

(Sachin Patel) #17

I have always been able to be logged in on one iOS device and one Android device, concurrently… until now. I have been migrated to the current account, the process for which I carried out on my Android phone. Now, on my iOS device it still shows the (frozen) prepaid account, with a balance of £0.00. Is there a solution? (Needless to say I’ve tried reinstalling the app on my iPhone.)

(Caspar) #18

You’ll need the new iOS app, which is coming this week hopefully!

(Marta) #19

@Dzilvys Monzo app on phone/s is not really linked to card. You can use Monzo app on as many devices as you want, just not all of them at the same time.

You simply need to repeat same steps on the secondary phone. Install Monzo app, be logged in to your email (where Monzo is registered) so you can click the magical link and that’s really it. If both devices are on the same OS, you’ll need to request magical link each time you switch between primary and secondary phone, or simply… keep secondary phone always logged in, cause that’s the one with internet, right?! :smiley: :thinking: :bulb:

Worth noting that there were some reports about problems to update Monzo app in China (China vs Google battle).

Regardless of the country, I would say that updating Monzo app on all devices is highly recommended before travel. :wink: