Concurrent App Logins


It seems the app will only allow 1 concurrent login, as when I use it on one phone it logs out another phone. Is this expected behaviour? And if yes, are there any plans to raise the concurrency limit? I use multiple devices and it is a bit jarring to have to re-validate between each device.

(I’ve also noticed that this doesn’t affect Android to iOS concurrency, so I presume the two OS track concurrency separately?)


That seems to be the expected behaviour but I’d love for it to change, especially if they offer an iPad app or “universal” iPhone/iPad app. Logging in every time is quite problematic.


or an Android tablet app or joint Android phone/tablet app

(Oliver Ford) #4

Or a mobile and web app… :remaining-hopeful-face:

(Tristan Thomas) #5

Yes, that’s expected behaviour :slight_smile: I’m sure at some point we’ll allow you to use multiple devices at once, but it’s not a priority at the moment I’m afraid while we focus on getting the current account out to everyone!

Multiple App Logins
(Chris Holt) #6

There are several posts on this, all around using multiple phones (eg when travelling) or an iPad or whatever. I get this isn’t a priority but any chance if it is a distant thing it could make it’s way onto trello?

It’s about the one thing that day to day really irritates me using Monzo, silly as it may be, as I use my iPad for all other banking admin but without the phone setup I don’t get the notifications!