Concurrent App Logins


It seems the app will only allow 1 concurrent login, as when I use it on one phone it logs out another phone. Is this expected behaviour? And if yes, are there any plans to raise the concurrency limit? I use multiple devices and it is a bit jarring to have to re-validate between each device.

(I’ve also noticed that this doesn’t affect Android to iOS concurrency, so I presume the two OS track concurrency separately?)

(Andre Borie) #2

That seems to be the expected behaviour but I’d love for it to change, especially if they offer an iPad app or “universal” iPhone/iPad app. Logging in every time is quite problematic.

(Sy) #3

or an Android tablet app or joint Android phone/tablet app

(Oliver Ford) #4

Or a mobile and web app… :remaining-hopeful-face:

(Tristan Thomas) #5

Yes, that’s expected behaviour :slight_smile: I’m sure at some point we’ll allow you to use multiple devices at once, but it’s not a priority at the moment I’m afraid while we focus on getting the current account out to everyone!

Multiple App Logins
(Chris Holt) #6

There are several posts on this, all around using multiple phones (eg when travelling) or an iPad or whatever. I get this isn’t a priority but any chance if it is a distant thing it could make it’s way onto trello?

It’s about the one thing that day to day really irritates me using Monzo, silly as it may be, as I use my iPad for all other banking admin but without the phone setup I don’t get the notifications!