To Use Monzo On More Than One Apple Device

In today’s banking community, we use apps as a way of life. Most of us use more than one device, so why not allow Monzo to be used on more than one device?
Create an Apple iPad app as well as an iPhone app


I’d love it if they did, but right now I can fully understand them wanting to push ahead as fast as possible with the launch of the fully featured current account.

PS. Nice username and profile photos, though a little NSFW for me to open up at my office desk :flushed: :laughing:


Or just “To use Monzo On More Than One Device” as some of us would like to use on our Android phone and tablet.

There is more to life than just an Apple.


Sorry, I agree! It should be available to all users, but from what I understand, Apple is the most popular user platform, Monzo have gone with the majority.
I’m sure it will be available with Android devices, as I notice stores are now accepting ‘Android Pay’!

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Apple is not the most popular user platform, that would Android. It is just easiest for their tech guys to do.


I agree with @anon44204028, that the question could be more generally phrased.

But you can already use the apple phone version on an apple tablet (albeit it is designed for the former). I use the iOS app on an iPad AND the Android app on my phone concurrently. Seems to work already.

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Yep - the benefits of starting with iOS vs Android have been spoken about on quite a few threads in the Monzo forum lately. Re the World Wide stats graphics - looking at Monzo’s current target market i.e. predominantly London based “millennials” might paint a very different picture…

That is true Colin, but the hassle there is that you have to keep going through verification emails to log into each device, and then you are logged out the other device! Hence the thread on being able to log into more than one device at a time.
I didn’t start this thread for people to jump on every word that’s mentioned re: Apple v Android.
As an Apple user, I was merely asking if it would be considered to be able to log into more than one device at a time.
It’s enough to put anyone off when strangers just start making mountains out of molehills and producing endless stats. I never said anything about apple being better than Android. So just to clarify a point here! PEACE everyone! :innocent:


You should be able to log in to multiple devices without having to reverify each time and losing verification on the existing device when you add your new one.

I would love to use the app on both my Samsung phone and Samsung tablet. At the moment I face the same pain with WhatsApp not letting me run it on both my tablet and my phone and having to reverify each time I swap device. Far better to have a 2 or 3 device limit along the lines Sky Go use.

Can you use on the tablet and keep the app for your phone?

thanks for the idea and while it may work on a PC on my tablet it keeps automatically triggering Google Play Store and the website displays different pages on the Android device to those seen on a Windows device!

That’s frustrating. Unfortunately I’m not very knowledgeable of Android devices so I can’t come up with anything else.

@Aussiebumwearer I don’t find there is any need to re-authenticate in either app. It just seems to work on both without the problems you describe [ maybe my experience is an Android-first feature :fearful: ]

When I sign in on another android device I get signed out on the first immediately.

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yep, same here…unfortunately

@andy1 and @anon44204028 Ah I wonder if it is because I am using the app on two different platforms - one on iOS and one on Android. I can use both concurrently.

Maybe the authentication schema isn’t shared between Android and iOS? Very weird. Sounds like we may have identified a security vulnerability, if the intention is to only have one app authenticated at a time for each account.

Judging by James’ comments here :arrow_down: this is something that Monzo wants to manage but only restrict where absolutely necessary

Monzo are aware of this, the fact that it’s possible has been mentioned here -

& here -

but it’s good that you mentioned it, just in case :thumbsup: If you still have concerns, I’d recommend replying to James’ comment, to make sure that he sees your questions.

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yes it is because they are using different OS

That seems counterintuitive to me. If you can’t login on two Android/iOS devices then you shouldn’t be able to login on a mixture.

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Agree. Whatever the intended functionality is now (or in the future), it should be consistent. I’ll report it as a security vulnerability under the “bugs” category.