Can iOS app be used on both iPhone and iPad at the same time


Simply can iOS app be used on both iPhone and iPad at the same time or can you only register it with one gadget.

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You could try it and see?

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I think what @Danny means is there’s no risk in trying.

There’s a couple of users who’ve said they they can access their account from both an iPhone & Android phone in this thread.

As far as I’m aware, the security feature that James mentions (to check how many devices are accessing an account at once) hasn’t been implemented yet.

Let us know how you get on!


I access my Monzo on both Android phone and tablet so guess you can with your Apple phone and tablet

To Use Monzo On More Than One Apple Device

I hope they don’t implement this. It is a real pain being limited to one device by apps such as WhatsApp. I want the freedom to access my account from either my phone or my tablet and not to have to disconnect one to connect the other. Freedom of choice not forced to choose. That said maybe there could be a limit of 2 or 3 devices just like on the free Sky Go where if you want to exceed that you have to delete one device to add another if you have reached your devices limit


Nope. Sadly it doesn’t. Logging in on one logs you out on the other. :frowning:

Barclays use to do this but they saw sense and now allows people to use their app on both devices without problems