Multiple iOS Logins - Enabling use of iPhone app on macOS Big Sur - Feature Request

Hi @Monzo, as Apple have just announced that iPhone and iPad apps will run unmodified on macOS Big Sur on Macs with Apple Silicon, would it be possible for Monzo to enable simultaneous iOS app logins?

I’m thinking that it’s unlikely. I’m sure they’ve said in the past that it’s possible, but that they’d need to resolve data conflicts, which adds too much complication.

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There’s also level of security with the current ‘single’ login*, which I like.

*other than the Android & iOS cross-platform login thing

I was thinking about this, and maybe I’m thinking about it all wrong, but is it better security though with the single log in?

It doesn’t stop another device (same OS) being logged in, it’s just when that happens, the first device gets logged out.

So if someone logged in on another device (with current set up), and you got logged out of your own, you then wouldn’t receive any notifications if they made transactions on it before you realised you were logged out?

I’m tired - maybe analysing that completely wrong and that’s not what happens lol :man_shrugging:.


I believe from my experience of switching between iOS devices, notifications continue on both devices, but as soon as you visit the app on the old device, you will be logged out then stop receiving notifications.

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