Joint Account ideas and improvements thread

I have done a quick review of the multiple thread topics on Joint Accounts and it seems that a number of users would like the following features introduced:

  1. Joint account perks (packaged account)
  2. Paying from personal account into a Joint Account bills pot (instant and scheduled transfers)
  3. Transferring a personal Direct Debit to a Joint account
  4. Renaming the Joint Account
  5. PIN functionality for Joint Account
  6. Different colour card for the Joint Account
  7. Improved analytics and reports on Joint Accounts
  8. Filter for transactions for a specified Joint Account user

What other ideas might you have?

Joint account overdraft


All the features from the current account need to be available on the joint account.

/end of topic :grin:


Same as @Ordog said - all the features.

IFTTT support with JA link to JA
Overdraft facility on JA
Loan facility on JA (not sure if this isn’t implemented at this point)



Joint account overdraft

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Solid list, my selfish shortlist is definitely…

Next Joint Account development for most people surely HAS to be ‘Paying from personal account into a JA bills pot (instant and scheduled transfers)’. I feel that bill payment from pots has only been half-finished until we can schedule payments into a JA from personal account. Technical stuff aside, it feels like a big oversight.

It’s probably the major hurdle stopping me going all-in as my only JA and PA.

Simple one I hope- I’d like to be able to set up a second joint account (with a different person)

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A better way to indicate which account you are making a payment from (yup, once again I sent a payment from our Joint Account by accident).

Hey, so I just signed up and received my card for a joint account. Primarily, thank you for offering this as an easy to open and use account. I am very happy to have it and to start using it.

However, as much as I might be aware that this is a seemingly insignificant quibble, there is one issue that I have, which does matter to me. Here it is: I am so sure that I read, upon considering opening this account that I would receive a card that was a different colour from my current account. The reason I’m so sure of this is that it was one of the reasons I chose Monzo for my joint account. Suffice to say, the card I have received is not a different colour from my current account.

This is not an aesthetic concern but a functional one. I don’t really care what colour the card is as long as its easily differentiated from my other cards.

I feel like it’s too late to rectify this issue for myself until this card expires, as I’d rather not waste the production time or contribute to waste plastic any more than I already do. But if you promise something then in my opinion, you should deliver on that promise. Otherwise, I’m sure that’s false marketing, and a bit of a taboo.
In future, maybe there should be an option, when setting up a joint account, in which you can choose colour/pattern. Thanks and take care.

Hi Kelly & welcome :wave:

Joint account cards have always been ‘Hot Coral’ cards. They differ from Personal account cards by showing ‘JOINT ACCOUNT’ in the top-left corner of the card.
Until Monzo Plus (v1) launched in June 2019, all Personal account cards were also Hot Coral too.

When Monzo Plus (v1) launched, many users took a different colour choice for their Personal account card (myself included) but the Joint account card remained Hot Coral.

A new evolution of Monzo Plus will soon launch and I suspect the option to change the colour of your Personal account card will again be an option. So if the new Plus is of value to you, you’ll get (among other benefits) the choice to select a different colour card for your Personal account and that should take care of your issue?

Until then, people previously did all manner of quick/detailed customisation to either their Personal or Joint card to help visually differentiate between the two.

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As a new forum user I think you’ll be let off for this, just this once, but frankly if you make a strong assertion such as this and then throw around terms like false marketing then I think it’s only right you should back it up with at least a link to something that shows such activity has taken place, don’t you?

When Monzo implemented joint accounts a couple of years ago they made a decision to stick with the Hot Coral branding, so I suspect unless they implement a version of Monzo Plus for joint accounts, this won’t happen.

Never fear! There is a quick and easy solution to this.

Use this company, as many others have and you can have whatever pattern, colours, style you like :slight_smile:

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I really like your ideas! Hopefully they implement them one day! :ok_hand:t2:

Hey! Thanks for replying so quickly!
That’s all interesting info. The only problem is that in practice, you choose your personal account card colour before your joint account. Having a previously established personal account is stipulated in the conditions for opening a joint account. Meaning, I couldn’t possibly know that selecting a coral card for my current account would negate the option for a different coloured joint account further down the line.

I’m aware that my new card says ‘Joint Account’ in a corner in it which is helpful but is still not what your description promises, ie. a different coloured card.

May I suggest that if you allow people to select their current account card colour, then maybe you could in a future version of your app, also allow them to select their joint account colour?

There are no colour choices for either your personal account OR joint account. I believe you’re mistaken.

Fair point on my use of “false marketing”. You’re right that it was likely a little bit of tongue-and-cheek hyperbole on my part. And I probably should have backed it up with a screenshot of evidence or something… But if I’m honest, I’m not entirely familiar with how to do that. And also, I’m a tad lazy. Thanks for the feedback though. It’s noted.

There is no choice of colour for a Personal account when you open your account.
So there’s no misleading tactics happened anywhere.

I’d love to, but I don’t work for Monzo :wink:

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Nice recommendation. But I’d rather just get it directly from Monzo if that is a service they offer.

It’s not a service they offer or are planning on doing.

As few people have said now that there are no card colour choices for either your personal or joint account. It’s still not clear where you’ve seen this to be mistaken?

The only exception is if you sign up for Monzo Plus, which is their premium account with a monthly fee. It’s coming soon and it’s rumoured to have metal cards in 2 colour choices.