Joint Account ideas and improvements thread

I have done a quick review of the multiple thread topics on Joint Accounts and it seems that a number of users would like the following features introduced:

  1. Joint account perks (packaged account)
  2. Paying from personal account into a Joint Account bills pot (instant and scheduled transfers)
  3. Transferring a personal Direct Debit to a Joint account
  4. Renaming the Joint Account
  5. PIN functionality for Joint Account
  6. Different colour card for the Joint Account
  7. Improved analytics and reports on Joint Accounts
  8. Filter for transactions for a specified Joint Account user

What other ideas might you have?

Joint account overdraft


All the features from the current account need to be available on the joint account.

/end of topic :grin:


Same as @Ordog said - all the features.

IFTTT support with JA link to JA
Overdraft facility on JA
Loan facility on JA (not sure if this isn’t implemented at this point)



Joint account overdraft

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Solid list, my selfish shortlist is definitely…

Next Joint Account development for most people surely HAS to be ‘Paying from personal account into a JA bills pot (instant and scheduled transfers)’. I feel that bill payment from pots has only been half-finished until we can schedule payments into a JA from personal account. Technical stuff aside, it feels like a big oversight.

It’s probably the major hurdle stopping me going all-in as my only JA and PA.

Simple one I hope- I’d like to be able to set up a second joint account (with a different person)