Joint Account Card and App Design


I’ve been lurking for many months waiting to open a joint account and waiting for the dust to settle.

Specifically I recall there was a lot of debate over the method of switching between accounts within the app and also the design of the card.

I know it sounds feeble, but my partner & I can’t wait to open a joint Monzo account - if only the card was a different colour. I recall seeing a tweet from Monzo saying that they don’t want to commit to a colour incase they launch other types of accounts. But surely we could just pick a colour like bright green and that leaves loads of other colours for future launches?

I’m also a fan of security by not giving away too much personal information - so would prefer if the card didn’t say “joint account” on it. No other bank does this to my knowledge. Just make it a different colour so it’s easy to grab from the wallet.

I’ve tried looking on youtube for joint accounts but can’t seem to find much. Can anyone point me to any information on exactly how the in-app account toggle button works? Also - exactly how the phone screen looks for personal versus joint accounts (again - is it obvious - like bright green when looking at the joint account).

I’m conscious I may get some flack for this and some people might not see the issue with having cards the same colour, but it’s just my opinion.

Thanks in a advance for any replies :slight_smile:

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On iOS you get a different colour header screen white as opposed to blue. I don’t think there’s any visual difference on Android though.

You can switch between the accounts by long holding on any tab or using the account switch in the account screen

Sorry to say but I don’t think we will see any change to the card design any time soon. Any change would cost considerable amounts and take time as it would need approved by MasterCard


Hey @johnny9999 - Welcome! :wave:

On this point, other than Starling, can you think of any other bank that actually has a different card for sole and joint accounts? Most of the time it’s just an identical card which makes it harder to differentiate IMO.

As @glasgow, it doesn’t look like much will change. TBH - Since joint accounts launched, there hasn’t been much focus on them at all.

This is done with a long press of the bottom “account” button on the menu bar.

I’ve seen a previous mock up of a better looking account switcher (one where the profile pic is in the corner), but that’s gone quiet.

Other than the Pulse graph being white instead of blue (as @glasgow said), there isn’t a lot to tell the difference I’m afraid.


We have a few screenshots here Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Do you mind if I ask you what do you mean by this? If we were to make joint account cards on green, well, some people would know that green means “joint account” and the problem would be the same, right? Am I missing something? Thanks!


Don’t think even Starling went with a different design for sole or joint accounts after all – I was under the impression it now issues vertical teal debit cards for both.

Leaves Monzo being the innovator in this space as it does issue different designs. My preference would have been a different colour over the rather limp ‘Joint Account’ market in the top left corner, and I’m hoping Monzo eventually goes this way.


Ah yeah, I think I was remembering people keeping their Purple card to differentiate the 2 accounts.

Quite why Starling (after saying they would), didn’t release another colour card for Joint Accounts is anyones guess - Doubling down on the Teal perhaps?

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I just put it down to Starling being a bit crap like that. The whole launch was weird, very excitable and unexpected, then very ‘meh’ after the feedback. They definitely said they would have a third colour for Joint, but it was obviously all bluster because just picking a colour never actually happened.

I love Starling’s product (I even went back over to Starling around November) but god they’re infuriatingly lacklustre about building any kind of brand loyalty.

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I guess it depends what you want really - If it’s interaction, and a feeling that your time and effort as a customer is valued, then yeah, Starling probably aren’t the one for you.

But I know a lot of people from the old forum who are still extremely loyal to Starling, which probably stems from their love of the product, rather than the people behind it as such (purely speculation of course).

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Having a better visual indicator on Android for joint accounts would be super! Ideally something across the app would be best, so regardless of what screen you’re on you’d know which account is active.

I actually don’t use fingerprint authorization for payments, as I find the PIN confirmation a useful last chance sanity check that I’m using the correct account.


Completely agree with this

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Please please bring a quick switch navigation for Android. It’s 4 taps to go from “Home” transaction view in personal account to the joint account to check something, then another 4 to go back again to personal account. A visual indicator would be nice too :blush:

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