✅ [iOS] Pot transaction statements/history

Hi guys.
Forgive me if this idea already exists but I haven’t seen any comments regard this.

Can we get a more detailed view of the deposits and withdrawals within the pots?

You can see how many deposits or withdrawals have been made in the pot but you can’t check the dates.

With a bit of time I could find this information from the home page of the app but it would be sooo much easier to be able to press on withdrawals or deposits and get a quick summary.

This is one for iOS parity as it can already be done on Android.

I agree this really needs to be added.

Out of curiosity, can someone show what the pot transaction list looks like on Android (with values hidden as needed)?

Edit: for clarity, this is in response to the request above to see the Android version.

The main pot screen shows deposits, withdrawals and roundups:

If you tap on deposits it shows the funds deposited and the date:

However, if you click on roundups it becomes confusing. It just shows the original transaction details, and you have to tap on the transaction to see how much loose change was deposited.

So it’s still not really fit for purpose. In my opinion they should implement full accurate statements for pots.


Not on iOS :iphone:

Indeed. Someone on iOS specifically asked to see the Android implementation.

My bad, that’ll teach me for not reading properly :slight_smile:

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Haha, no worries. I should have clicked reply on the relevant post!

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Based on that I would agree it has not really been implemented on Android either.

What I would like to see is a single list which shows a chronological list of both deposits (including roundups) and withdrawals (i.e. a standard transaction list / statement). It would be useful to also have separate deposits, withdrawals, and round-up lists/filters (i.e. what is currently available on Android) but they should be supplemental rather than primary.

I agree the roundup transactions should show show what was actually deposited into the pot.


I’ve just realised there is a “History” button which does show all transactions. But it still has no running balance, and the roundups still show as the original transaction amount (and not the roundup amount)

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I’m really surprised this only has 10 votes - is there a duplicate thread out there somewhere, or are people really not interested in this feature? Genuinely intrigued to know! :thinking:

Search “round ups” theres one with 7 votes

I don’t use round ups. I was specifically referred to a statement for pots.

Yeah pot history is something id love also.

Thought with the new layout it makes so much more sense to see this in a “feed” than whats currently there

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Pot transaction history now available in iOS 3.9.0 :slightly_smiling_face:

Can click on either history, deposits, or withdrawals to get transaction lists.

Not working for Easy Access Savings Pots? There’s a history button but it doesn’t show the monthly interest, only the initial deposit.

Feedback sent through TestFlight.

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It shows ongoing deposits and withdrawals (not just initial deposit) but you’re right about the interest payments - they are not showing. Hadn’t noticed that.

Is this limitation (interest transactions not shown) also on Android?

I had just asked Monzo for a statement on my savings pot to show interest in the 2018/19 tax year. Imagine my delight to learn that the latest release of the app showed a history of transactions. But then imagine my disappointment when I discovered that it did not show interest payments. Why Monzo? This has to be a much needed feature especially at this time of year with the self assessment tax deadline looming.

Are they able to provide an interest/tax statement?
For purpose of calculating tax I prefer these over full transaction statement myself.

They are but you have to request it. Others on here have said that it can take a long time but I’ve been promised it today having requested it two days ago.

I’ve been told that a change to the app is coming where you’ll be able to see the interest for tax purposes. I’m not sure whether this is a tax year statement (as most other financial institutions provide) or the ability to list the interest by month. Either way, a big help.