Bug: general transactions showing in pot history

This screenshot shows all my general transactions plus money into Pots through IFTTT. However, the transactions shouldn’t show in my Holiday pot transactions.

Device Huawei P30 Pro, OS Android 10

hi welcome to the group, all transactions would show up on the feed. the roundups it’s more discrete however if you do look on your statement it wouldn’t show like that it will show all transactions separately and all ifttt transactions would show on the feed as well there’s no way to hide them at the moment, that’s one of the reasons i don’t use it because of too much clutter on my statement.

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Hi. What do you mean shouldn’t show? Every transaction/transfer has to show as your statement needs to be a full accurate history.

Like, normally in a pot history it shows just the ins and outs from than pot but it shows my current account transactions in a pot history.

This screenshot was from this pot

What’s your configuration for IFTTT? Could be an issue in there?

I don’t think this is an issue in IFTTT seems more like a screen refresh issue. The top of your screenshot shows that the feed being displayed to you is “Current Account” so seems like you were given an old page or the app didn’t follow the link properly.

Either flip between payments and home again to refresh transactions from the server or go for a reinstall just to be sure.


So I tried navigating back and forth and even reinstalled the app but it still shows the transactions from yesterday in my pot history. Everything that says “added to pot” is correct but “spice wagon” and “costa coffee” shouldn’t be there

It normally shows transactions that were rounded up to the pot.

Hopefully they’ll fix it one day to only show the round up value rather than the whole thing.

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Not on iOS it doesn’t

The differences between the apps seems to be getting worse!

Well this has been an issue for a long time so it’s not getting worse

Since when?

I don’t use round ups any more but it worked that way on iOS until I stopped.

Since pot history was introduced. It will only show the amount moved while the main feed shows the rounded up amount

Those are not being rounded up to the pot, they’re just transactions. Into my holiday pot only goes westjet savings 50p when it rains and £2 when +20… I’m telling you guys, this has not been like this before and doesn’t occur in other pots…

So that pot is only IFTTT?

This is one of my IFTTT pots on iOS, working fine

Might be an android glitch. @nexusmaniac any ideas?

I just scrolled further down in the pot… Thinking I made a mistake, that pot does have Round ups going in there but I was sure it only shows the rounded up amount rather than the payment where it came from. I have too many IFTTTs on, think I got confused…

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