✅ [iOS] Pot transaction statements/history

That would be good since I’ve only started to earn Monzo interest in the current tax year. I nearly didn’t, just because of the lack of these statements.

Glad we have pots history on iOS now :blush: was disappointed to see that monthly interest deposits don’t show in the history though.

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only just noticed that the tax year interest statements are now available to download in app from the account tab …yay :slight_smile:

Where are you guys seeing the combined History for pots on iOS? I have separate entries for Deposits, Withdrawals, and Roundups, but not a History option. I’m on the latest TF release.


Ah yes, the giant blue button :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

Was looking at the main panel with the Deposits/Withdrawal figures in

Change.org seems a weird choice here.


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