Interest on savings pots

I cleared the item on my feed saying how much interest a particular pot earnt in October, but now I need that figure again. Is there anyway to find out? I don’t want the total interest the pot has earnt since it’s creation several months ago.

EDIT: it’s not important enough to bother COps about.

Possibly on Android but not on iOS (see linked thread below).

I think the wider issue here is each pot should really have a full transaction history/list

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Thanks. I thought that might be the case, I just wondered if there was a clever workaround relating to a recently-cleared feed item. Totally agree re: pots needing a feed/statement/transaction history!

When I go ino the pot itself you can see interest earned. However there is another screen that shows all interest earned across all pots. The only way I seem to be able to access that on Android is to go back through the feed to a previous notification when I was a Plustomer and access it from there.

I’ve never understood why interest payments are dismissable on the transaction list. Surely they should remain there as a permanent record?

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I wouldn’t want them to remain on the main (current account) transaction list. I want a transaction list for each pot which includes interest payments.


Ah yes, that would make more sense! :slightly_smiling_face:

They do have all that info for pots

That’s part way there but not a full transaction list in the traditional sense (single chronological list of transactions). Also, doesn’t include interest payments.