Pot break down

Would love when I tap on my pot to be a break down of transactions of withdraws and deposits. Feel like searching is a waste of time and annoying as it normally included interest earnt.

Doesn’t it do that when you tap on the pot?

Then tap on withdrawl or deposit?

So it doesn’t give you a break down of the pot specifics. It gives this for example - deposits = X transactions and £X deposited. and the same with withdrawels but doesnt gives specifics about when or what day the money moved in and out of your pot.

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I would also like this. When I open the pot I see only a total of the money deposited or withdrawn (which frequently fall out of sync requiring the app to be reinstalled!)

It appears that the withdrawals and deposits are buttons, because they do react with a slightly grey background but they do absolutely nothing.

The same is the case for interest.

Something I’d like to see is some sort of statement for the year clearly showing me the interest earned for specific tax years. I am told this is provided to assist with a tax return but I cannot see any way of getting it…

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Are both of you on iOS because an Android this opens up and provides specifics.

iOS here.

That looks like what I’m expecting these buttons to do…

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Yeah I wish iOS would get this.

Yea IOS it doesn’t look like that on mine.

Does anyone know how to shuffle the order of your pots?
or do you just have to delete them and the create new ones in a different order.

You can’t re-order them on iOS or Android :slightly_frowning_face:

This would be useful on IOS aswell

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I believe that the new account screen was launched prematurely for IOS in order for you to use the ‘see your Barclay card’ feature.

Then there were some issues which means it has been rolled back? It is being worked on and the plan is to get the new account screen on par with Android :+1:

The new account screen on iOS doesn’t have pot history like it does on android though.

They’ve said that the only change before full roll out is bug fixes, and tweaking the size of the font for the pot totals shown on the new account screen.

Hopefully pot history for iOS is being worked on, I asked about on the new account thread but the devs didn’t mention if it was still being worked on or coming soon at all.

I think @Jami also mentioned that ios wouldnt get pot history? Hoping im wrong but thats what i took from the other thread on this.

Something along the lines of feature wise nothing more would be added in terms of functionality in comparison to the “beta” release of the accounts screen it would just be bugs fixing

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I would also like some way of being able to see the amount of interest earned during a tax year. Aren’t banks required to provide this?

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I did raise this in chat a few weeks back and the response was that an Annual Interest Summary will be provided at the close of each tax year… this has passed (admittedly by only a few days) but I haven’t seen anything or any way of getting one. I currently have no way of obtaining this information to send my accountant (who already has all information they need except this!).


I’ve also raised it in chat and had a reply (today) that -hopefully- something will be in place by the end of May. That will be soon enough for my accountant/tax return but may not be for others.