✅ [iOS] Transaction history in pots

It would be excellent if pots could provide a mini statement history of pay-ins. I have several pots on my personal and joint account and while you can use the summary page to find out who paid in what, and when, it’d be awesome for that info to appear on the pots page.

Edit: for clarity it would be awesome for the transaction history but specifically, if the history could include a mini icon (similar to joint accounts) to denote who paid in what.


Android people already have this.

You can see the history button below and if you click it you get a feed (like the main one) that shows deposits and withdrawals by date. :slight_smile:


iOS also has it and you can also see a separate list of the all the amounts going in and out of your individual pots too.

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This looks awesome. I don’t have a history icon (iOS) or any list of transactions other than the “Deposits 2 (£100 average)” and “Withdrawls (£80 average)”.

@AaronB1: I’ve got the latest version of Monzo and don’t see that (I’m also a beta user)… very strange! But nice to see it’s coming.

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History of pots isn’t on iOS only on android. Not on my TestFlight version. I also have new layout too.

Go into the summary page, select the pot and it will show all the transactions. I’m on iOS and that is what I do.

It’s sadly just another feature that one OS has over the other. There is a huge list of differences here:

However if what @AaronB1 says is true then it’s one thing to cross off the list :page_with_curl:

It only shows transactions within the current summary period you are looking at, and of course on the back of that, the pot will only be there to click on if you have made a deposit/withdrawal in that summary period.

On Android I believe you get a full transaction history on pots.

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You can see further back by changing which budget period you are looking at and the selecting the pot.

It’s correct that it shows all the transactions within that budget period but you can see further back. It doesn’t seem to have a way to view all of them in one go.

For me personally, viewing so all our budget period is enough.

Feels a bit like a kludge doing it that way although it’s currently one step further from where I was! Hoping they include a full transaction history in the future.

It’s a full transaction list on Android, no messing around with summaries :slight_smile:

I believe it was done as a Monzo Time project, whereby staff get free reins to work on what they like. This is why it’s on one and not the other.


It would be useful if it displayed all or at least allowed you to export it.

That makes sense (about the free time thing).

I’ve just checked a joint account too and it doesn’t quite show what I’m after totally. What I’d love is a transaction history but with a similar icon to show who did what. So at the moment on the summary it only shows, say, £10 added to pot… not who initiated that. Obviously it’s pretty easy to work out but it’d be really nice to see which person moved what where.

If it helps, it doesn’t show who deposited it on Android either :slight_smile:

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Ah! I’ve updated my original suggestion to include that a bit more clearly


Yet another thing there’s not parity between iOS and Android :slightly_frowning_face:

To be honest, non-parity between apps with regard to specific features is still lightyears ahead of my old bank so I’m quite happy to wait for it. Yes it’s a little frustrating but it’s not the end of the world.

Would love to see Monzo include this but I’d rather they focus on keeping Monzo working efficiently than trying to include low hanging features that, technically, I could just keep track of manually (and the workaround isn’t too bad).