Can savings pots 'Round Ups' be made to show directly the rounded up amount?

So when I go to my savings pot that is set for round ups & click on ‘Round ups’ (scroll down for the last label in the list) I expected it to directly show the actual round up figures. Instead it shows the item that was rounded up & then you have to click EACH ONE INDIVIDUALLY to see the rounded up figure. This makes no sense as you can do this in the History.
For something labelled ‘Round ups’ I expect to just see the rounded up amount.
Does anyone else think ‘Round ups’ should just show the actual rounded up amount?

Are you on iOS or Android?

On Android, of I click on “Deposits” it shows me all the individual round ups:

Edit… Actually I’ve just noticed they’re from way back in December, so I’m wrong

Mine were like that until the end of January and then switched to showing me the whole transaction value so became pretty useless :neutral_face: