Breakdowns/Filters for Savings Deposits

Hi all!

As of today, I’m unable to see a list of all the deposits/withdrawals I’ve made into certain savings pots unless I scroll through all of my transaction history looking for them, which is a laborious task.

Does anyone else think that having a transaction breakdown feature in your savings pot would be a good idea? That way you can see how much of your savings is in relation to deposits/withdrawals/roundings etc - at the moment, it appears to just be a summary?

On top of that, would a ‘transaction filter’ (or the ability to search for transaction names/dates/categories) feature be useful to others? I’d love to be able to filter my transactions by category (i.e. savings deposits/salary or rent payments/coffee payments etc.) so that I could easily see what I’ve spent on certain things over the course of a specific time period.

Would love to hear peoples’ thoughts!

All the best,

Harry :slight_smile:

If you’re on android, there is a pot history of all withdrawals/deposits. Think this is coming to iOS soon. You can see a monthly breakdown per category at the moment by going into summary and clicking a category, you can’t technically filter your feed at the moment but this gets you most of the way there. Hope this helps if you weren’t aware.

Ahh, thanks so much @joedmitchell - I’m on iOS, so guessing this will be rolled out at some point soon in a new update :slight_smile: