Introduce yourself 👋

(Jack) #1083

Hey, I’m Jack :wave:

I’ve been on Monzo for the last year now, but have recently converted to a full-time user & investor as I’ve finally been able to unstitch myself from my old provider! I really like what you guys are doing to modernise banking with better tech and a better approach. I’m so excited to see where you go next! :monzo: :rocket:

(Alvina) #1084

Hi! I’m Alvina, a 3rd year uni student. Just received my Monzo card about a couple of months ago after seeing my friend swaggerin’ around college with his bright coral card. It works perfectly and I’m impressed by the functionality of the app (never thought I’d get this excited about budgeting). Such a stellar example of how technology is changing everyday banking. I find the community aspect of Monzo very interesting, so here I am snooping around Monzo forums :slight_smile:

(Jack) #1085

Welcome both @JackMTR and @alvina

Nice to have you onboard, if you were working at Monzo what feature would you push to add next / improve :ear:?

(Alvina) #1086

Hi @Jackcrwhitney !

Hmm… A bit of a long shot, but I’ve been doing quite a bit of Christmas shopping recently and collecting a ton of receipts in my email, some of them from physical, not-online vendors e.g. Uniqlo. Would be nice if the receipts were automatically sorted neatly in my Monzo app (along with my payments).

(Jack) #1087

Hi @Jackcrwhitney!

I like @alvina’s ideas. It would make things a lot easier for returning and refunding if digital receipts were logged against the purchase.

I know it’s on the way but I’d really like to view ISAs from other providers within the app, such as Nutmeg, Chip, Plum, Funding Circle, Moneyfarm etc. I think to start with you could just provide a view (balance, % change, next payment expected + amount) then give more management options going forward.

Also, like you’ve partnered with TransferWise for international payments, you could maybe consider partnering with Moneybox to offer ways to expand on the coin jar :slight_smile:

(Sharon Fleming) #1088

Hi There
Thank you for the welcome!
Not much to tell - self employed - been in technology related work for over 30 years but shy away from trying to understand things. i.e. Use a mobile to make calls and that’s it :slight_smile:Was recommended to try the card - so giving it a bash.
Son called Alexander, Dog called Rufus…girl in her very early 50s
That’s me
Look forward to journeying together
AKA Matron

(Paul Raymond Wallis) #1089

Hello! :wave:

I’m Paul bit new to the community and wanted to say Hi,

I’ve got a bit question to ask as the Six Nations draws closer who you’ll think will win especially being rugby cup year.

I’m going to put it out there I think Wales will win it!! :slight_smile:

(Sam Pye) #1090


Apparently I’ve been a forum member since September '17 but posted a grand total of five times (at the time of writing!).

I’ll try to weigh in on the few things I do know about. I work in finance and I’m a shareholder so although my views are strictly my own I can’t promise that they’ll be impartial.

With the turn of the new year I’m giving some thought to the cricket season. Last year was my first as a full time skipper and my team lost every league match they played. Tips greatly appreciated!

(Kolok) #1091


England mate.

(Kris) #1092

Hi Gang! I’m Kris, I recently joined Monzo and I’m testing the waters, so to speak, really liking it so far (Although there’s a few things stopping me going Full Monzo at the moment, perhaps those things will be overcome in the next year)

I can be found on Twitter as @KrisWhoTweets, and Instagram as @KrisWhoGrams, and I hope that makes sense of my username.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #1093

I like it :rofl: and welcome! :wave:

(Splodf) #1094

Welcome aboard.

I returned full time to cricket last year after I was nearly blinded batting without a helmet to the fastest boweler I’d ever faced and we did really well.

Practice is key. If your players are out of form it’s because they’re not practicing enough. Have a net and get everyone bowling and batting.

7-2 field at the start.

(Paul Raymond Wallis) #1095

Haha it should be a interesting six Nations

(Elena) #1096

Hi! I just joined and hope to find a lot of interesting information and tips here!


Hey Monzoers… I’ve used my card abroad on several occasions (and a few in the UK) and I just wanted to say it is fantastic! I’ll continue to use it and I tell every fellow traveller of it’s wonderful existence. Ta. X

(Claire Eels) #1098

Wow, would love to get involved with a company like this. So impressed with all of the info here. I cannot believe that banking is going this way. Fantastic news.


Hi ya Richard, I’m a retired woman of 65 and an investor in monzo. I’ve been a customer since last April, love my monzo card, I travel abroad at least three times a year and had the pleasure of going to Australia for two months last May and that is where I first used my Monzo card. It was a great companion on my travels and I used it constantly paying in the local currency. My daughter now has one too.
Glad to be aboard the Monzo train.

(Colin Robinson) #1100

March 2017 - Melbourne :grinning:

(Sergiu) #1101

Sergiu here. New Monzo user (November 2018) and even newer comunity member (today :yum:).

I was so happy when I found out about Monzo. I needed to create a bank account but for some reason, didn’t want to go the traditional route: go to a bank branch, make sure you get a bunch of documents with you, wait around, ask a bunch of questions and after that see if you can even get a yes.

With Monzo everything was and is very easy: Downloaded app, signed up, took a photo of my passport and waited for a few minutes while that got approved. Now I use it as my main and only bank. I get my salary paid into my Monzo account and make all of my payments using the same account.

Everything is amazing with Monzo: the services, the app, the design, the support team, simply amazing! :heart:

The ONLY thing I would change is the card… It’s not a big deal as I don’t take it out much, 95% of the time I use my phone to pay but oh boy I would love to have a black metal card! :heart_eyes:I would definitely use it more!

Can’t wait to see what Monzo has in store for 2019! :star_struck::partying_face:

(Geraldine Tappins) #1102

Hi new to the community I like to travel and shop a lot.