How did you find the community? 🗣️

Helllllo fellow Monzo members :wave:

In the same vein as How did you first hear about Monzo?, how did you find the Monzo community?



Support query?

Did you join the community before or after you signed up to an account?

Anything related to joining, let me know your Monzo community story :mondo::hot_coral_heart:


I found out about the forum back in spring last year when I thought Monzo was a travel card (thanks MSE) :see_no_evil:
I was looking to see what people’s thoughts on Monzo were and figure out if there were any catches.
At first I only read some posts and threads but soon got involved. I should go back and see what my first post was!

I quickly discovered Monzo’s goal was to become a full UK current account and my usage of the card pretty much went through the roof after that :slight_smile: :mondo:


I was just thinking the same, because I can’t remember how I found the community!

Is there an easy way to do this (easier than scrolling through pages of posts under “my account”)?

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I think I just stumbled across it :yum: before I joined monzo I took a read around the forums but a week or two after getting my card I signed up for the forum :grin:

It was mostly out of curiosity and the community was really small and friendly :tada:

It was really awesome, great getting to know everybody! I can’t remember what the “Coal Crew” was called at the time… Must’ve just been leaders :yum:

I think it took me the longest time to find the slack channel :eyes: it felt like a secret at the time :yum:

Anyway, really awesome community and I’m glad I signed up :blush:


Yep, go to your account activity and click “download all” it will provide you with a .csv file with all your posts in :slight_smile:


BACK IN MY DAY, you got invited to the community when you travelled to the office to pick up your prepaid card. :smile:


Not sure how the iPad will handle that - But I’ll give it a go! :+1::grin:


Looking for a golden ticket. I didn’t want to pay for one on eBay :grin:


Techcrunch article led me here.


A definite stumble here. Was looking for hidden features and tips.

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I joined the community when I first signed up to the beta waiting list (~March 2016, I think). I wanted to read as much as I could about Monzo whilst waiting and found myself here!


I think I joined community to get the card with prepaid card as it was by getting a golden ticket quick in July lat year as I was of to Spain and used it.


I found it when it was referenced in an email from Monzo telling me that the community had voted on foreign ATM fees.

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I found it through Starling and only joined Monzo forum just before Starlings forum went down. I had the Monzo account before joining the forum though.

I used Starling a lot more than Monzo but switched this year to use the budgeting which Starling had been promising since forever (and still doesn’t have).

Monzo is now monthly spend and coin jar pot.

Starling is now used Goals to have a mental distinction so I’m not tempted to dip into a saving by seeing them.

Legacy atm is NatWest for Salary/Debits collecting the £125 switch in Feb but I’m not sure I can last that long. Once you experience Monzo it’s so painful trying to just use their banking system, worse than HSBC.

No idea how or why I joined Starling. I must have read it online somewhere.


Got invited by Tristan. He hasn’t spoken to me since.


Told by Hugh after people were discussing Merchant Reviews.


I started lurking on the forum just after Monzo announced it’s first crowdfunding round. I wanted to do as much due diligence as possible before investing and there really wasn’t a lot of info about Monzo outside the community forum back then. I think I joined a couple of months after.


Joined 23 March 2016, same day as my initial top up. Had to go to London to get my card. Used my card on a pizza the next day and haven’t looked back since.
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Currently at 944 days forum visited.


Why? Was it a bad Pizza? :pizza:

It is bad joke Wednesday right? :joy: