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We’re glad to have you. I’m Richard, a Community Manager here. Feel free to get in touch if there’s anything I can help you with :slightly_smiling_face:


Now it’s your turn. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what you’re into :speaking_head:


Hi. I’m a consultant and have worked in various industries including financial services, computer services, and life sciences. I have held various managerial and board level roles including responsibilities for AML, compliance, and supervisory. I am a big fan of fintech, and been interested in banking and technology all life long. My hobbies include cooking, gardening, and watching probably too much TV :wink:


Hi Richard, i am Susana i have just received my Monzo card and new to the community. I like outdoors sports, traveling so i am hoping i can use this card for my travels without getting charge too much :slight_smile: I am living in the UK however i am planning to move back to Spain by the end of March. Does Monzo work differently there?


Check out these two:

But note that you must be UK resident to hold a Monzo account.


Hi, I’m Allie. I work at a university where I’m an IT manager and sysadmin. I’m mostly into playing with technology and making it work for academic needs and promoting education through tech to make the world a better place! And cats. I love cats. Cats, glitter, pink things, sparkles, etc :slight_smile:

I really wish people could be nicer to each other, and more respectful of everyone’s unique place on this earth. If humanity put the energy we put into fighting into supporting each other and building something great, imagine how much different the world would look. Humans are both loving and incredibly hateful and destructive, lets set aside the hate and focus on the love, we will make the world an amazing place.

Identity-wise, feminine non-binary. They/them or she/her are both fine as pronouns. I hate titles though, and strongly prefer gender-neutral titles when needed, ideally Mx. Miss is fine if you must, but more for closer friends. Japanese honorifics are far better than our English titles.

More fun facts:

  • I’m a strong opponent of Oxford spelling and American spelling. Too harsh for my liking…
  • I use a Chromebook at home, a Fedora desktop and a macOS laptop at work.
  • My mobile is with Vodafone and my energy supply with Bristol Energy. I’m happy with both. Vodafone irks me sometimes and is great other times, but the others seem worse. Bristol Energy has been wonderful.
  • My home internet is with Relish. I strongly recommend avoiding.
  • I use a Google Pixel 2, I love everything except the AMOLED display.
  • I have credit cards with American Express, Bank of America, Barclaycard, Citibank, Discover, Halifax, HSBC, MBNA, Newday (Aqua) and Virgin Money. Happy to review any of these providers.
  • I’m allergic to fees/interest/etc and strongly avoid paying them.
  • I love Stitch.
  • I’m rather socially awkward, but how that presents can vary. I either ramble about everything, or I’m a shy tortoise who says nothing.
  • I like hugs!

I’m Liam, I’m currently a 1st* year student at UWL studying Computer Science. I have A-Levels in Maths, Computing & Chemistry (albeit not very good ones, I sorta had issues during Sixth Form), and an AS in Physics.

I currently do XenForo add-on development on a freelance basis, to supplement my money (I spend a lot of it, it’s one of my worst habits… I can’t save to save my life).

I’m socially awkward, and don’t really like being in the company of humans, though I want to be as, internally, I feel that I’m a bit lonely… it’s very complicated. I can’t speak to people in conversations in real life (it’s much easier online for some reason), and I don’t really make friends. I tend to gravitate towards communities for a topic I take a keen interest in… that interest is currently Monzo.

I was born in Carlisle, and was brought up in Barrow-in-Furness (which I wouldn’t really recommend, it gets boring very quickly). I currently reside in Ilford, with my grandmother (as she only charges me £50/wk rent). If I can figure out how to stop spending money, I hope to find somewhere else to live (I’d save on a travel card, but I’d be spending significantly more on rent)… but to do that I’d probably need to find a regular income, which, in my current position is really difficult :frowning: (If anyone knows of a company that needs a part time [student] developer/remote customer services assistant, let me know :wink:).

Ok, before I start rambling, I think that’s all.

That’s a lot of credit cards… I hope they’re not all maxed out :wink: (<- Joking here, in case it doesn’t come across. I recently used the majority of my student loan payment to pay off and close 4 almost maxed credit cards…)

Reminds me of me :slight_smile:

So do I, but I don’t admit it in real life…

Sounds fun! Are you willing to say which one?


I wish I’d been that self-aware when I was younger :+1:


I forgot to mention that I like listening to music, and that I play Ingress regularly :+1:


Hello! I’m a Managing Consultant and work for a consultancy / managed service company specialising in cybersecurity and data analytics!


Hi :wave:

I’m Beth - I am a Night Cop :policeman:

I like:

:cat2: Cats
:pencil2: Colouring / craft
:tv: Netflix
:sleeping_bed: Naps
:camera: Photography (on/off)

This is the cat costing me a lot of money.

Bonus images



But you were made in the Royal Navy?


I hate those adverts… and no, I wasn’t. I was made in my mothers womb.



Some of my very favourite things! Hopefully we meet in the future! Tho I do prefer DisneyLife to Netflix… LOL.


I am the parent of the Netflix and others use it so I always keep it.

<3 ‘kids’ stuff though.


LOL, makes sense. For £5 a month, DisneyLife is a worthy addition if you love ‘kids’ stuff - I really like all sorts of kid things and childish things, so it’s great for me :smiley:


My name is Bob, I am a baller, you will mostly find me in the VIP section of a club making it rain like a boss.


Hey ! I am Rob! I am working in restaurant as a manager ! I love Travel and moving around the world. I joined Monzo few weeks ago and very excited about this! The app is easy to use , no extra charges, funny pink debit card :credit_card: !
Great :+1: job guys !


Hey, my name is Colin. I’ve just joined Monzo forums today!. :grinning:

I’ve been a Monzo user 1 year ago when i joined Monzo beta prepaid top-up contactless card and have found it fun to use. Lovely contactless card. Beautiful colour. Have used it abroad too which is great!
Also an investor of Monzo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and recently signed up to Monzo’s current bank account. Yay! Loving the Pots feature though a similar pots idea that you can pay from would be nice too. As well as having a Monzo’s savings account would be awesome!.


Hi All, I’m Nathan, a 20-something, IT guy. I am interested in all things tech, and decided to join the forum to get the latest scoop with Monzo Banking and fintech, and network with others with similar interests.

I’m an IT generalist with most my experience stemming from tech support, but at a point where I would like to diversify my skill set.

I have given up trying to hang on to my childhood and think its time I be responsible and learn how banking and finance world works e.g. How banks really work, credit ratings, credit cards, money management, stocks shares, pensions ISAs etc.

Always up for a chat, feel free to connect!


I think you can still hang on to your childhood and know that stuff, too! I like to think I do! :unicorn: :merperson: :cat: