James - in the mix

(Jay Yoms) #1

Hi there, I’m James from Essex.

I have been using Monzo since 18th August.

Just wanted to know thank you guys for making a really cool app, colourful card and love what you’re about. I joined the community to stay in the mix of what’s going on - I wanted to also be able to report on my experiences too.

I’m such a newbie, but does anyone have a link to the place where we can post any issues with websites, companies that are not allowing us to use the Monzo card (if there is something like that)?


There is Known issues / bugs 🐛🐜🐞


when posting comments about problems online with your card it is useful to state the reason given by the retailer, e.g. card not recognised - card’s 6 digit BIN prefix not yet in their database, pre-paid cards declined - common problem on automated pay at pump fuel pumps and hotel and hire car reservations (a problem that will go when Monzo release a current account and transition to proper debit cards)

(Josh Bray) #4

And also check to see if it’s already been reported.
But hey. Welcome to the community @JayYoms

(Jay Yoms) #5

Thanks @anon44204028 @Jkb114 . Definitely wanted to make sure I followed the guidelines.


(Josh Bray) #6

Yeah sure. Might be worth giving this a quick read.

(Rika Raybould) #7

Oh hey, someone else from Essex! :wave:


…and me :wink:

(Jay Yoms) #9

Hey @RichardR. lol how could I forget @anon44204028!