Introduce yourself 👋


Welcome @gerryt1! Where’s your favourite travel destination? :smiley:

And :airplane:, :bullettrain_front: or :car:?!

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haha only just saw this @Ben01 I did think twice about posting that, but decided to risk it anyway!

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If it’s somthing monzo can help with feel free to let them and the rest of the community know. They are always looking out for feedback :slight_smile:

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It’s really a quite long reply list, hope anyone can read this one.

I am Jerry from China, currently studying in MSc in Bangor University. I must admit, Monzo is the best bank app I have ever use. I am studying business with consumer psychology, and this brand, aka Monzo, is really let me want to connect.

It’s the living example case for my subject, I love it.


(Sam Edwards) #1108

Hi there! My name is Sam, I am a 17-year-old student from Hertfordshire and looking to go Full Monzo soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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My name is Tai and I work an airline. Thanks to Monzo, Metro and Revolut are now a distant memory for me and a lot of my colleagues. :blush:

(Val Harding) #1119

Hi, I’m Val and a granny 4 times over (lucky me a 5th soon!)
I’ve joined Monzo trying to keep up with the new way of banking…


Welcome Val :wave:


Hi I’m Sandi, I applied for a Monzo account today so I can keep eye on my money. I love Crochet, Cross Stitch and crafting. I’ve been married for nearly 38 yrs, I have 4 dogs, a cat and some fish.

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Hi I’m Ged, just found out about this from a friend. Altho I’m probably not within the usual age demography (being in my early 50s) I think this is an amazing concept & seriously thinking of transferring from my main Halifax account to this. So much simpler
My interests include football, swimming, technology, movies & politics. Most of my time is filled with chill out time with my partner & my Alaskan Malamute.
Great to be here & part of the community. :+1:

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(Christopher Paul Smith) #1126

Hi, I’m Chris. Im a retired aircraft engineer and my last job was as a quality inspector.

I joined Monzo about a month ago and so far I’m very pleased with the bank.

Hopefully I can learn from the community and get answers to any questions I might have.

Regards Chris


Hey Chris, welcome! Great to have you here :tada:

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Hello! My name is Martha. I work as a UX/UI designer in London. I became a client of Monzo a few months ago, and I’m very pleased with the customer service of the bank. Glad to join this forum.

(Steve) #1129

Hello! My name is Steve and I’m a Marketing student at the University of Plymouth. I did an internship in banking over the summer and I’m writing my dissertation on Tech-based service quality in banking.
I hope this is the right place to do it, but if you’d like to help me out and take my short survey that would be fantastic. If you’re aged 18-25 and have 5 mins to spare, I would really appreciate it, thank you! I also love Monzo!!

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Oh no. I’m out of the age gaps for stuff :frowning:

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Hahaha I answered the first question and it basically said “thanks, but no thanks” :sob::+1:

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Hi there. I’m George. Details at