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Good morning, I’m Craig. Have had my Monzo account since 2016 but have only just joined the community. Not the best of reasons for joining in all honesty as I am using it to try and get support & information due to IMO extremely poor customer service(potentially harsh on particular individuals) but as a whole, the worst Banking customer experience I have ever had and am still enduring with no avail as yet.

Any support/advice or nudge in the right direction of who could help would be appreciated immensely.

To those that do read this and think that I am negative about Monzo, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Monzo has been amazing, fresh, insightful and thoughtful Banking. Unfortunately for everything that has been done right(and there are so many) this one terrible experience outweighed them all and I reluctantly switched to the dark side in Starling.

I’m hoping that Monzo will provide the expected and necessary support that they should, which will go some way to redeeming some confidence.

We shall see. image

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Hi @Smithy_ca welcome to the forum :wave: Did you actually say what the issue was?

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Good morning, thank you for your reply. I didn’t say the exact issue, didn’t want to fully air my dirty laundry on here.

More to see if anyone from the Monzo team would reach out, or if anyone had a path of escalation that they are aware of.

Doesn’t seem to be improving however, I was told to hold on for one moment whilst he caught up on messages from a colleague, that was now 23 hours ago.

Hi @Smithy_ca :wave:

Sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience. Monzo staffers are here on the forum, although this isn’t a primary route for support on individual enquiries. For a number of reasons, the issue you are discussing may be something they can only discuss with you in private.

I do hope you manage to get it resolved.


Shame to see that you’re having issues , I know how frustrating it is to wait ages, have you tried calling the phone number to speak to someone because you’ve been waiting for so long ?

I don’t know the issue but if there is a slight chance it might be related to AML regs then they can’t talk to you about it if they rightly or wrongly suspect that.

But if you are comfortable sharing the problem then some members might be able to give you more specific help or advice whilst you try and get it resolved with monzo.


Hi Craig.

I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve had a poor experience. Would you mind DMing me and letting me know the email address connected to your Monzo account, please? I can then follow up and find out what’s happened here.


Simon, thank you. I have DM’d you.

Not bothered about putting on the community what the issue is concerning, however also don’t feel that it is necessary or appropriate. Will certainly give the full history and make sure it is clearly known on the forum if the customer service continues to be as experienced so far.

Having looked through the community I have seen that I am not the only one that has experienced the same concerning issue with similar situations.

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Thank you for your reply. AML Regs? Sorry don’t know what that means?

It’s regarding a chargeback request whereby a vendor has been withholding £500 of mine that was deposited via my Monzo account, but they won’t accept my Monzo Bank statement as proof address ‘ proper Bank’ is required, not an ‘online/mobile bank’ were Exact comments.

All this has been provided as screenshots yet still I am no further

Sorry stands for Anti Money Laundering regulations, I mentioned it because often people get frustrated by the lack of communication from monzo when this is the problem,

But obviously isn’t in your case ,

it’s not so clear was it a card payment or a bank transfer? Because a chargeback is only for card payments, either way lack of communication isn’t nice.

Monzo can provide you with a stamped statement via post, and that’s a proper one and try sending that to them and show them that monzo is a fully fledged UK bank, not an e-money institution like they seem to think.
This link is a pdf from Bank of England website of all banks as of 03/2018 Pdf

Will they accept proof of address like a utility bill? Or if you’re registered to vote the council can send you out a paper which it’s accepted as proof of address.

Not ideal but send a signed for letter , ‘letter before action’ saying I’ve tried every reasonable effort including… You won’t accept my monzo bank statement even though it’s a full UK bank… And you have 14 days … Usually this will get it looked at by a senior staff member and often resolved because they don’t want small claims court.

Obviously it shouldn’t be coming to this, but merchants have the chance to dispute chargebacks and maybe they’ve been stringing monzo along , but monzo should be telling you how they’ve disputed it

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Hi @Smithy_ca, I’ve moved this over to a new thread now to keep the intros one tidy. I hope we’ll have your issue sorted shortly.