Monzo meet-up in Israel?

My dream is to host a monzo community event in my country ! Is that possible out from the uk?
I’d love to meet @Naji!!!
If that will be possible, i’ll organize everything , i have amazing ideas that i’d like to share :heart:
Lior :cherry_blossom:

Which country are you in, @Liorbarzi?

Hey peter!

Im from israel! Im a big fan of monzo

I lived in london couple of months ago

I used this car and fell in love…

It helped me to manage my money Perfectly and to save a lot of money…

So i really want to be a part of your amazing community , and to arrange a big meeting in my country!

Thank you for your attention

Lior Barzilay


I can’t speak for Monzo, but I imagine they’ll be thinking about international meet-ups when they expand overseas - I might be way off message, but I think that the US and the rest of the EU are the top candidates for the first stages of international expansion.

What’s the fintech scene like in Israel? Any Monzo-like accounts out there?

(Edit: I’ve changed the topic title to be a bit more specific - I hope you don’t mind!)


Hey peter ,

Im sorry i didn’t understand if you cant speak for monzo from whom your speaking? Are you working at monzo? Whats your part in the community?

Thank you for you attention

I appreciate it!

Lior Barzilay

Hi @liorbarzi :slight_smile:

I’m Simon and I work with Naji on our events, so thanks for your interest! At the moment, we are working on expanding our events within the UK.

The focus of our events is largely based around encouraging our users to connect both with staff and one another. So, with that said, holding events in countries where we won’t have a lot of users due to our product not being available isn’t something we are looking at right now.

Do you know of many other Monzo users in Israel?

Hi @Liorbarzi

Anyone who works for :monzo: has the logo under their name like @simonb and the rest of us have numbers (with 4 being the highest indicating members of the Coral Crew) or a rocket for Monzo investors.


Hi simon!

The problem is that for having a monzo account you have to have a uk bank account. Thats the reason that people in israel do not use monzo account . But the Israelis that lives in london do use the monzo! My goal is that monzo will expand to israel ! My dream is to be the ambassador of monzo israel i think it will be a huge success in my country.

I am a Young entrepreneur and thats my ambition!

Lior Barzilay

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I’d suggest that you keep an eye out for Monzo events in London and start from there. You can get to know more about Monzo, its plans and meet the people that make it all happen. The community here is a good place for that too.

Then, once Monzo are ready to expand into Israel you’ll already have built strong relationships, so you can look into how you would become an ambassador if such a role arises.


I couldn’t agree more @Ordog
The problem is Im back in israel and I live here.
So its a problem for me to go to all monzo events, i wish.
Do you have a recommendation what can i do meanwhile? Do you have an idea how can I try to promote the idea of monzo in israel?
Aprecciate your attention

Personally, I think you need to start building relationships first before jumping straight into events and promotions.

In the mean time I’d recommend that you:

  • Become more active on here and get involved with discussions
  • Invite friends and family from Israel to join this community to show Monzo that there is a market over there
  • Follow Monzo on Twitter to keep current with what they’re working on or Making Monzo here: Monzo – Banking made easy

A good start would be to introduce yourself here and tell everyone a little bit about your hobbies and interests:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


I loved my holiday in Israel earlier this year! If you pay for my flights and accommodation, I’ll happily attend your meetup!


Hi Lior! :wave:

I think others have covered this but just in case, it’s only the people with :monzo: by their profile pic that work for Monzo - like the amazing @simonb.

The rest of us are just customers or interested folk. Together we all make up the Community - and you’re very welcome!

:monzopride: :israel:

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So happy to hear!!! You are always welcome!
So i would love if someone could explaine me how can I be more involve in the community?
And also if theres an app of the community beacuse i constantly
Need to Log in
Thank you guys🌸

image Discourse, who make the forum software, have their own app.