Which camera to use in the mountains?

Hi all) can u give advice? Need a camera in the mountains, what to take? Sony or Gopro https://www.bestadvisor.com/action-cameras that better withstands chill and snow
Do u have own expierence

Have a look at the mirrorless Sony cameras. There’s a few generations out now so the earlier models are quite reasonable.

I just heard about the problem, the fact that the battery in the cold quickly discharges

Depends how long you’re planning on being there.

No retail DSLR battery is going to withstand extreme temperatures.

A GoPro should be fine. I mean, there’s plenty of snowboarding and skiing videos out there taken with one :smile:

All batteries loose their charge quicker in the cold - they’re the weak point rather than the camera. So you need spare batteries, and you need a way of keeping them (and the camera, I should add) insulated until you’re ready to use them.

Well, it’s like a whole day, but I’m going to shoot a couple of hours, I’m talking about the fact that the camera could be safely turned on when necessary

If it’s for photography, guy I know uses a Canon 5d mk iii

Edit: but then he loves hiking and he loves photography…

Buy some additional batteries just to be safe.

I used to have a mk 3 - it’s a brilliant camera. When it first came out it was great. I ran magic lantern on it and filmed weddings in the UK and abroad and it never let me down!

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Looks like good idea

GoPro. It’s survived umpteen Ryanair and Easyjet flights, trips to the Isle of Man for the racing and falling out of my bag umpteen times.

Just keep plenty of spare batteries and wrap them up in a scarf or a pair of socks to stop them freezing and you’ll be fine :grin:

I used to take a full blown camera into the mountains (DLSR)

But I don’t bother now, I use my iPhone. May be worth considering that option, especially with the 11 pro which as three separate lenses

Both of these were taken with an iPhone 8


That second shot is stunning in composition, a worthy phone wallpaper!

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That second shot is stunning in composition, a worthy phone wallpaper!

Thank you :slight_smile:

What on earth has :point_up: this got to do with the discussion from last year?

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