Which camera to use in the mountains?

(Lenny) #1

Hi all) can u give advice? Need a camera in the mountains, what to take? Sony or Gopro https://www.bestadvisor.com/action-cameras that better withstands chill and snow
Do u have own expierence

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(Splodf) #2

Have a look at the mirrorless Sony cameras. There’s a few generations out now so the earlier models are quite reasonable.

(Lenny) #3

I just heard about the problem, the fact that the battery in the cold quickly discharges

(Splodf) #4

Depends how long you’re planning on being there.

No retail DSLR battery is going to withstand extreme temperatures.

(Nick) #5

A GoPro should be fine. I mean, there’s plenty of snowboarding and skiing videos out there taken with one :smile:

All batteries loose their charge quicker in the cold - they’re the weak point rather than the camera. So you need spare batteries, and you need a way of keeping them (and the camera, I should add) insulated until you’re ready to use them.

(Lenny) #6

Well, it’s like a whole day, but I’m going to shoot a couple of hours, I’m talking about the fact that the camera could be safely turned on when necessary

(Richard) #7

If it’s for photography, guy I know uses a Canon 5d mk iii

Edit: but then he loves hiking and he loves photography…

(Splodf) #8

Buy some additional batteries just to be safe.

(Splodf) #9

I used to have a mk 3 - it’s a brilliant camera. When it first came out it was great. I ran magic lantern on it and filmed weddings in the UK and abroad and it never let me down!

(Lenny) #10

Looks like good idea