Introduce yourself 👋

(Tatjana Jones) #1063

Hi my name is Tatjana i am new to monzo and thank You for accepting me to Your community.

(Peter Reid) #1064


I’m Peter, currently a software engineering student in Belfast!

Long time observer of Monzo, got on board and moved over to them as my primary bank back in May


Whoop! :raised_hands:

Welcome @hatunceva55 and @peter.reid - great to have you both here! :+1: :monzo:

(Jordan Priestley) #1066

Hey All,

I’m Jordan, been a Monzo user for almost 3 years now, but this is my first time on the community forums! So hey!

A little bit about me: I currently split my time as a Retail Systems QA Engineer and Technican Adminstrator for Apple. Spending 3 months a year in California and the remaining 9 months here in London :slight_smile:

Theatre is my main hobby (and where practically all of my money disappears too)! Let me know your favourites if you have any!!

(Paul Halliday) #1067

Hey everyone. I’m a full time Monzo user and investor in the last two rounds of crowdfunding as well. Love the feel of the bank and it’s attitude towards people and openness.

I’m terms of myself I’m an outdoors person, love exploring new places and just getting back to the world around us. I’ve read the forum for the last year or two but never got involved. Until today that is!



I’ve had my Monzo card for a few months now, and I think the weirdest thing I’ve used it for in that time has been a love potion I bought from a Satanist market :thinking:

Weirdest thing you've bought recently?
(Only available in amateur ) #1069

Did it work?

asking for a friend :eyes:


Did you have to submit the name and logo or had Monzo users already been frequenting Satanist markets?


Further testing is needed :grimacing:


Do you have a music blog? I’d like to take a look. I’m a big hip-hop fan myself, although I’m more into the UK stuff. I’m sure I could recommend you some UK rappers if you are interested :smile:

(hill axel) #1073

hello, i am a new member i want to make friends with everyone
happy noel


(Jack) #1074

Welcome to the community @Axel2801 :wave:

(Sacha Zarb) #1075

Been here a few weeks, so best to introduce myself.
I’m Sacha, work in digital for the Government, focusing on GOV.UK platforms such as Pay, Verify and Notify. Crowdfund investor, dad of two under 5s, music fan, cyclist and a Charlton support for my sins.

(Jack) #1076

Welcome @Sachaz , hope you’ve enjoyed the holidays :wave:

(Serghei Bajura) #1077

Hi my name is Serghei and I am from Moldova. I am 34 years old. Come in GB to find some job. And faster as possible learn English (sorry for spelling errors). Enter at monzo community a few days ago.

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(Paul) #1079


(Charles Asante) #1080

Hello my Name is Charles, i been banking with Monzo for a while but for some reason by card has not been working for weeks and i have sent several emails and in live chat and no1 really seems to care or bother to give a substantial reason as to why this is happening and bare in mind i am student and get all my funds in the account including my student finances. i had to spend Christmas all alone at university because i honestly had no access to my funds, couldnt travel couldnt do anything that money can do, i am honestly disappointed and rather sad that this is happening to me, I am yet to hear from them, i wish someone can help as i have quite alot money in the account and money pending to be in the account.

(Only available in amateur ) #1081

Are you not able to do anything even bank transfer? Is it being looked at by a specialist team?


Hi Charles, unfortunately Monzo staff aren’t on the forum 24/7, but even if they are they can’t usually help with individual queries on here. Unfortunately you’re best off messaging in-app, emailing or using the phone number on your card.

Sorry not to be of more help. Hopefully it gets sorted soon. :crossed_fingers: