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Hiya all, I’m Rob, from mid-Wales where men are men and sheep are afraid :innocent:I joined the forum because I bank with not only Monzo, but Starling as well and wanted to know more about the fintech sector. I’ve tried most app banks and, in my opinion, Monzo is the best and have used it as my primary account for over 2 years.


Hi Rob & Welcome :wave:

There’s definitely a wider range of discussion than just :monzo: topics here, that’s for sure!
For additional, some duplicated, fintech news, there’s the other forum too.


Hey Rob :wave:t2:

Glad to have you here!

I’m from Wales too :wales:


Hi, I am Skin.
I love investing and learning about other investors.
Happy to be here!


Hi Skin :wave:

Great name

Welcome to the community

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Hi Everyone, :wave:

My names Tom, and I’m new to the forums, but been a Monzo account holder for around 2 years now and I will be joining the Monzo team in April, as Financial Difficulties Advisor within COps team :policewoman:.

I’m not sure what else to put here so please if you have any questions poke me :grin:

(I did post this a few days ago but the post never got approved.)


Good luck in your new job at Monzo :grimacing::raised_hands:


Hey all, long time Monzo user and investor but only just joined this forum even though I’ve read so much stuff on here! Loving Monzo so much!


Hey everyone, I’m back after a few years hiatus and hoping to post a little more as time allows ^^ :wave:


Hi Folks, I’m Sean - I work in IT within the Housing Industry. Massive Gamer and I love to Travel. I am from the UK so anywhere with SUN I like to go to haha! Big Personality with a hint of ambition. I am using Monzo to help me understand my money better, to put myself into a better situation and not loose track of my spending. I think me coming on here is to tell myself that I am rubbish with money :face_with_peeking_eye:


Hey I’m Tony, I work in IT and love everything tech related. A friend showed me Monzo on his phone a couple of weeks ago and I was blown away by how many features it has and how clean the user interface is. I recently switched over to Monzo and think it’s the best decision I’ve made this year so far! Looking forward to finally having better control of my money. You’ll probably see me posting on the tech forum, so see you around! :smiley:


im barrow i go by she/her/hers,, enjoy doing overly complicated personal finance,, heard about monzo from some friends in the UK and have been very interested ever since ^w^


Liam, small-time social media footprint, but amazingly enjoy this forum! Work within housing, interested in politics, comedy & design :relaxed: Follow my twitter for a 6 monthly tweet


Hey all :wave:

A bit of a catch up, so hello Tom, Matt, Philippa, Nightpaws, Sean, Tony, barrow and Liam!

Welcome to the community and I hope you all enjoy your time here


hey all i m new monzo community


Hi to you as well! :wave:

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Hi everyone. New member, not tech minded but willing to try :slight_smile:


Welcome :wave:t3:

Any tech minded stuff you need a hand with just open a topic and we be more than happy to help.

A whole bunch of community members available :crossed_fingers:t3:

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hello ,
everyone i m new to this community .
i m full time forex market trader.

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I’m having trouble logging on could you help

The app won’t let me log on