Introduce yourself 👋

Hi @Tosh27 & welcome :wave:

The initial answer is that you may be using the wrong email (or using the sign-up flow, rather than the log-in flow)

Have a run-through the steps here:

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Are you using the email you signed up with? If you use the original email then they’ll email you a magic click you just click on. If you’re using a different email it’ll tell you it’s already in use.

Hello all.

Bit of a late poster here but I’m Kieran and I’m a proud Business Monzonaught.

I’ve been working for Monzo since April 2021 and love every second of it.

I’m my spare time I like gaming (PS5) anything tech (big time Apple geek) and looking after my many, many pets (feel free to ask)

Anyway, nice to meet you all and looking forward to getting to know you all.


What’s your favourite animal?

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Ooh that’s a tough one.

I think my all time favourite, partly because I used to have a pet one, will be a Goose. They make amazing guard dogs for the garden and are so cute when the give cuddles :joy:


Ok I like u. Welcome!

How many pets do you have? What kind? Where are the photos!?

Have you AirTagged any of them like I have? :grin:

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:yum: hi names Graham under guise of Gramandy. Here to suss out any Caribbean use of Monzo.


Hi :wave: I’m Jon, been a Monzo user since early 2016 (still got my Mondo Beta card somewhere) but only ever used this community/forum as a guest. I work in IT at the moment but I’m going back to uni in September to finish a degree I dropped out of a few years ago, very excited!


Hi Jon, welcome to the community :wave:

I did the same thing many years ago - best thing I ever did because it led directly to my dream job :slight_smile:


That’s fantastic! That’s the plan for me too, current job was a hobby turned career but it’s never been my dream job.


Hi Graham and Jon! :wave:


Hi! :wave: Nice to see somebody (semi) local on here

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Thanks for the welcome :hugs:

Sadly none are Airtagged but that is such a good idea :thinking:

So, brace yourself. When I told my squad about my pets, they were shocked.

2 Miniature horses - Rocky & Maria

2 ex polo horses - Ruby & Teazer

2 rabbits - Dinky (Grey& White) & Binky (White)

1 Cat - Princess

1 Dog - Teddy

1 Cockatiel - Twinkle

1 Bearded Dragon - Toothless

4 chickens - Cher, Britney, Peep & Bluebell
2 ducks - Drake & Lucky
1 Hamster - Melon
These have all somehow avoided the camera but will try and get one soon :smile:

Feel free to ask more :grin:


Hello John here


Hi John & welcome :wave:

Enjoy the forum!

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Hey All, I just joined, excited to contribute! :grinning:


Hi @BruceLee :martial_arts_uniform: :ninja: @ welcome :wave:

Great to have you here - contribute away!

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Phew it’s a heatwave so instead of doing work. I’m shopping. When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.

I’m just the average bloke, heard all the fuss and decided to create an account. It took 5 minutes and while waiting for my account to finish approval, the app blew up on me. So I had to try again half a day later. That was a bit of a downer. But seems to be working now. And I just made my first transfer, linked the account to another bank, and I think I just bought my first item, even before I have a card.


Welcome! :wave:

Did you add to ApplePay/GPay before the card arrived? Wasn’t sure that was still happening.