Introduce yourself 👋

I once - literally once - took a look at Glassdoor for the providers of my gainful employment and it was like reading some sort of mad fiction, so I take it all with a massive pinch of salt (my employers are by no means perfect, but come on folk!)

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I hope you were putting full effort into those cheese plates at LBG! :smiley:

Haha yeah agreed. LBG has some terrible reviews too.

I guess it’s natural to be concerned leaving a role you’ve been at some time to grow elsewhere. I know Monzo will :crossed_fingers:t3: Lead to more opportunity in the longer term.

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I can’t comment on cheese plates, I’m mbna so the backend :joy:

Any chance having a collections colleague come on and do AMA - or if one could PM me - I’ve many questions before coming onboard with Monzo in Feb :sweat_smile::sunglasses:

Sure! DM me. I return from holidays on the 4th so I can help out if you want?

I’d be joining financial difficulties - collections, helping customers who may either be, or due to be, struggling with their products such as overdraft loan or flex :sunglasses:

I work literally nowhere near that part of the business at all so I may not be of any help to you :sweat_smile:

Job security

It doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I presume glass door talks about being a pre-profit startup?

My words are not helpful very much, but you can watch TS or other C-Suite members discuss openly about this stuff

We have thousands of dashboards detailing our KPIs and even regular email threads talking about our KPIs and so on so you can make this decision yourself :slight_smile:


Yeah during interview and some docu checks with HR they said the stats are looking really positive now :sweat_smile:

I guess if profit was there pre crowdfund this year then that’s only a good thing.

If you could hit anyone up on slack who may know the working hours for collections findiffs that would be a god send.

I do see the phone lines are only open 7am to 8pm which is not too far from my hours now, though Sunday working :eyes::joy: I will dm some others.

I will dm some others.

Sure sure, I will probably not reply until January because I am on a holiday and as much as I love Monzo and spend all days on these forums I do not want to be working on my holidays :stuck_out_tongue:


Totally outside view, but I cannot envisage Monzo shrinking the absolute number of COps. Bending the rate of increase yes, but not the actual number

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Literally seen this before I DM, you’d possibly know most :sweat_smile:

It’s more me being a natural stress head and understandably last year was a rough ride for most businesses.

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Congrats on starting for Monzo, but surely this is the sort of question you should have asked during the interview process?


So, I didn’t get the job I was interviewed for which said hours were x-x but was offered another role, so haven’t had chance to speak about the specifics as yet.

I’ll drop recruitment a message, though I feel someone in the role can answer more specifically as when asking about hours previously with the main hiring team it’s the usual “open availability” which wasn’t the case when asked during the interview of the initial role.

And thanks :partying_face:

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I understand what you mean. I left a job that was supposed to be 8-6 and was regularly 6/7-7/8 and that was a big concern of mine going into the next role.

Hopefully someone will get you a more accurate times, but I wouldn’t worry too much about GlassDoor.

I think my inquisitive mind puts me on edge :joy:

My hours now are from 8am - 8pm no Sundays, 35hrs per week, but fixed rotation shift.


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Been so long since I’ve been a regular here I’m going to reintroduce myself and get posting. Hello! :wave:

31, East Anglia, married to @CarlMorgan, financial analyst at a very large shipping company. :ship:
Previously full Monzo but headed over to the dark side - currently using Starling with Chase on the side and a bit of AMEX for good measure. That said, I still have a soft spot for Hot Coral. :orange_heart:
Still here for the chat, been missing the community! :clap:


Nice to have you back.

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Hi I am jake, I am an electrician and I also play semi pro rugby, I am from wales but soon to be travelling the world with my fiancé! Can’t wait to use my Monzo all over the world :nerd_face: wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿>:australia:>:new_zealand:>:canada:>:us:>🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


Welcome Jake :wave:

What an experience it’s going to be travelling the world. Keep us updated on all the amazing things you see and do on your travels and happy Monzo-ing! :monzo: :laughing:

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Hey everyone, I’m Lewis a graphic designer from London. I’ve been with Monzo since early 2018, I’m wanting to start using Monzo as more of a factor in my finances rather than just a way to easily split bills with my partner so wanted to get more involved in the community. Just signed up to premium and looking forward to getting the fancy metal card and all that goes with it!


Hi Lewis & welcome :wave:

Thanks for the intro - if you like minimalism design, you’ll love the white metal card (I do)

It feels fantastic in the hand, but can need an awful amount of cleaning depending on the wallet/sleeve/pocket/phone-case/bubble-wrap that it is kept in on a daily basis. I’ve found that certain wallets make it go ‘green/blue’ after being in contact with the leather/pleather for a while. I’ve even used it in ATM’s :scream: several times and got away with it not being scratched, but ATM’s aren’t exactly gentle so be careful there. It also feels like the ATM is going to jam and… possibly, bye-bye card :disappointed:

My current preference for ‘non-destructive’ storage is to have it in-between 2 other cards in a sleeve wallet, where both other cards have their magnetic stripe facing away from the card. Less cleaning so far.

So high-maintenance these things. Tip - Anti-Bac wipes rubbed slowly & carefully seem to bring it back to its former bright-white life best.