Managed to confuse Monzo abroad

Last week I went sailing in Europe. First I flew to Portugal, then I sailed along the coast, into spain and eventually Gibraltar. I then traveled back into spain and flew home from Malaga in Spain. I must say that the actual card worked perfectly without fail. It gave me the decent conversion rate and I am very happy with that.

However It was interesting to see how Monzo attempted to categorise my spending and give me an overview afterwards. For starters when I first arrived in Portugal it didn’t give me a little ‘welcome to portugal’ message.

When I eventually returned to the UK i did receive a ‘overview of your 3 day trip to spain’ notification which needless to say was not accurate as it only covered 3 days, not the entire 8 day trip.

I must say that I understand its extremely difficult for monzo to keep track of all of this without any input on my behalf. They are still miles ahead of other companies. I mean when I sailed close to the coast of Morocco I was getting ‘welcome to marrakech’ texts from my mobile phone provider.

All in all, I don’t have any serious complaints, or issues, its just interesting to note that even Monzo can get confused.

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