I Am Now Called Monzo Everywhere

Just a funny thing I wanted to share.

Because there are no names on the card, just Monzo, I’ve been in a number of places now where you order at the counter, pay on Square, and then when the order is ready it is announced for “Monzo!”

Then I go to pick it up and they’re like “Your name is really Monzo?” So I show them the card and then they’re like “You have a one word name?”

Then I just leave :stuck_out_tongue:


This is hilarious!:joy: Not to mention a hidden perk of being Monzo beta.

Looking forward to running into this myself.


“Order for Monzo Plus”

Walk of shame


Monzo Investor non coral core to your collection point please.





Weird - my card has my name on it :confused:


The “Monzo” thing is only for the early US cards

Edit: Hide the below following information below from @erincandescent

Your name is on the UK card as it is a full bank debit card rather than the prepaid cards currently issued in the US during the beta period


Yeah, this is a fun issue. :sweat_smile:


Ah I see. Thanks for the info

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Our US cards are debit cards - they’re not prepaid like the UK beta program was.

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Happy to stand corrected! Thanks

(I did originally think they were debit cards, not prepaid, and then there were some mentions of the latter to the contrary that did not get any push back)

Push back from :mondo: that is. I did try and then the conversation got a little heated and I backed off

See from this post onwards for example:

My full name is “embr” and that’s what’s on my card, this is always fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Occasionally “e mbr” if something has separate first/last fields and I can’t put a non-breaking space.


Title should be " I am now called Monzo, Everywhere " not " I am now called Monzo Everywhere "


I don’t understand his confusion. It does not have to be prepaid just because it’s not its own bank. They are presently using a partner bank. It’s tech on top of a regular bank. This is what my current bank Simple does. It’s their tech on top of BBVA Compass.

Monzo seems to want to be their own bank at some point which is great but requires a license in each state so it would take time.


big same, i went to burger king the day after i got my monzo card and when they called my order they said “MONZO!!”

i haven’t had any incidents since then then, thankfully.

(there is a corner store near where i grew up that has really arcane rules with cards, like something along the lines of “no orange cards” and “no chargebacks or we call the cops” and i’m really curious on how they would react to my card just saying “monzo” lol)


i’m happy to report the thing happened again! the cashier was in the middle of writing “MONSO” on my cup when they asked for my name :joy:

an iced coffee cup, with the words MELODY MONSO written in marker

(i personally wouldn’t mind having MONSO as my last name lol)


It’s great when you are asked in the US to sign things. Better yet, you’re at that one place that makes you actually sign your name and you’ve gotta sign “Monzo”.

I am called Majima Everywhere.

And this reference only makes sense if you’ve played Yakuza :joy:

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