If we get any more flair there’ll be no point in having avatars!

Anyone else noticed the status number moving to 10 o’clock on the avatar? It looks hideous.

At least it reminds me I’m spending too much time on the forum…

They’ve been bouncing about all morning. I think @cookywook is trying a few things.

Have a read…

There are so many things to indicate and only so many you can get into a single bubble! :rofl:

It’s just a glitch in the matrix :wink: All will be resolved soon (if it’s not already been)

The rollout of the investor badge to all the new crowdfunders went a tiny bit wonky but I think it looks ok now :yum:

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Somebody is fiddling…

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Pic coz I don’t see it?

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They just need to tweak the Trust Level Avatar Flair component in discourse so the trust level badge appears under the group badge at the bottom right.

But yes, more than 50% of the community now have the investor badge, I feel special :laughing:


Didn’t screenshot I’m afraid. It’s been backed out now…

Given that all staff are level 4, I believe, doing that would look like they had all joined the Coral Crew (an honour I suspect they could do without! :wink:).


I don’t want the investors flair thing can @cookywook or @simonb please remove it?

I think you can do this in preferences by removing your title, or changing it to ‘member’ etc

Edit: Apparently not, unless it takes a while to catch up with refreshes. Title changed, flair did not.

Edit: Edit:

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I don’t think this removes the badge (I’ve removed the title, but the badge remains).

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You can remove yourself from the group here - https://community.monzo.com/groups


@anon72173902 @TR1 If you go to the group section you can opt to leave the crowd investor group which will remove the investor badge.

But one you are gone, you will be dead to us! Its them vs us! :laughing:


Bring it! :boxing_glove::boxing_glove: :eyes: :joy_cat:


I have a rocketship!

To the Moon! :first_quarter_moon:

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It’s kinda cooo