Monzo Forum Ratings ( Next to usernames )?

Can someone explain what “1” entails, along with “2” “3” and “4” ?

I’ve been on ages and lots more posts than some people with 3 ? Not bothered but just wondering

4 is Coral Crew and other moderators (staff will have a :monzo: icon but are 4 under the hood)

3 is Regular (as I would be if there was no crowdfund investor icon)

1 is New Member

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I would guess that while you have more posts you stop in less regularly so your rating dropped back to 2 or 1

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The number represents the users Discourse trust level. Discourse is the forum software that Monzo uses.

There is a full explanation of each number here:

And to quote:

Trust Level Breakdown

Key passage for OP


Ok thanks :slight_smile: