New badges!

In the next few hours you’ll notice a little coloured circle on the bottom right of your profile picture - these are our brand new forum badges!

We’ve used badges before on the forum to make different members of the community easier to identify, in particular staff and investors. With so many new faces on the forum, we think it’s time to take this a step further and assign everyone a badge, so that it’s easier for people to work out who they’re talking to!

The badges are based on trust levels which are automatically assigned by discourse based on things like numbers off posts, site visits and likes in a 30 day period. More details on how this works here.

The brands new badges look a little something like this -

Basic New Member

Member Member

Regular Regular

Leader Leader

_Wondering who leaders are and what they do? We’ll have some updates on this really soon.

We’ll be updating badges once a month for those who have moved a trust level :grinning:

If you have an Investor flair you’ll keep this badge :rocket: But let us know if you want to change it via dm to me or @cookywook .

Enjoy! And let us know you thoughts below.


You’ll keep the Investors flair by default, if you want to change it, DM me!

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no worries that’s fine!

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I think this might be a leaders-only topic, it says I don’t have access to it.


I don’t have access either :frowning:

Will there be a noticeable difference between an investor, and an investor-leader? Would the flair become yellow with the investor rocket? Or would it just stay as the investor flair?

Yeah, it looks like it must be.

This is how it looks going to the link

Thanks all, I’ve flagged this for the team.

I used to be a Regular before my work/life balance went down the toilet


@evangelskies @Chapuys @alexs

Thanks for flagging. I’ve taken that link out for now, but there’s more info to come!

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In order of ‘rank’

New Member > Member > Regular > Leader

Right? :slight_smile:

Is it just me or does the Member badge look a tiny bit nicer than Regular? :wink: The circle is almost like a having a Pip on an Army rank-slide :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The gold badge will be nice to differentiate leaders too! That’ll make them far easier to spot :slight_smile:


You’ve just had all your permissions removed Danny … :stuck_out_tongue:


You could have renamed people’s titles to be funny though… :sob:


Looks like the badges are in effect! I still hold the feeling that members’ badges look cooler than the regular ones :wink:

But very nice to see them scattered across the forum :grinning: they look nice!

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My rocket’s gone!

Yeah :frowning:

So has mine! I was hoping for a merge of both, member/regular + rocket

There aren’t any merges but if you’re an investor you should have that badge as default!

I’ll take a look at what’s going on now!

I don’t like them, they make the profile picture look too busy. Profile picture badges should only be applied to ‘special’ users so that they stand out. It doesn’t make sense to apply them to everyone.

If you do keep them, swap the member and regular badges. Someone with more privileges should have a dot, at least that’s what I would think…


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Looks like it’s back -



Ooh, am I regular or member these days?

EDIT: Still regular!

I’m quite irregular.