If we get any more flair there’ll be no point in having avatars!

@anon72173902 - I’ve removed your flair.

Yep, as you’ve all noticed I’m trying some ways of displaying levels and groups in a way that doesn’t crowd out the space. The combinations of trust levels and groups makes it a bit tricky, but I’ll figure something out :slight_smile:


Would love to have both shown! I like having the investor badge but miss having my level - I worked hard for that :joy:

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:stuck_out_tongue: You can adjust what you have as your text flair if you want. I did, but just because I wasn’t a fan of the text Crowdfunding Investor flair.

I’m the opposite - I think the level flair is pointless and elitist, I see no reason why the number of times you visit should have any bearing on the value of your posts, and was very happy to have it obliterated by my investor flair.

(And I say this as someone with level 3 most of the time)

I don’t want anything there numbers or rockets tbh, serves no purpose IMO.

Having the flair and a small number in the corner or even on the rocket itself would kill this off. It should be something people can switch on and off once earned :sunglasses:

The forum software doesn’t offer the opportunity for people to adjust this themselves,

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A combination of flair and level then if anything. Personally I don’t mind either way (plain avatar or additions).

I didn’t invest for the flair and the level does not mean much in my opinion. I have seen some level 1 members speak more sense than level 3 or 4!

Can’t they just be tiled underneath the users avatar?

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They tried that a day or so ago and it covers a fair bit of avatar I think. That may not be a bad thing in all cases of course…

They tiled to the side from what I saw. The bottom of the avatar would make more sense in my opinion.

Another idea is to make the flairs Thunderbirds, dependent on forum level! You heard it here first.


Tom would obviously be Thunderbird 5 :sunglasses:

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Surely he’d be Jeff Tracy. Dude who set it all up.

Surely he deserves a rocket, even the big guy deserves a rocket! Jeff hated his life, he was dead inside and his sons got all the glory. Even the butler had a better time than Jeff did! :sunglasses:


Bump for this.

It seems like the majority of people who use these forums are investors now :laughing: and this topic is a good example. It would be good to see trust level along side the rocket flair.

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I quite like having the rocket flair covering the trust level. It takes away any lingering anxiety about seeing it drop when you don’t post enough :sweat_smile: