The badges you ‘earn’ on here do they disappear or get removed?


Can no longer see it in my list of badges…

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This may explain it. I believe Regular is the only badge you can lose. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unlike other trust levels, you can lose trust level 3 status. If you dip below these requirements, whether from flagging or the passage of time, you will be demoted to Member. However, in order to avoid constant promotion/demotion situations, there is a 2-week grace period immediately after gaining Trust Level 3 during which you will not be demoted.


lol what?!?!?

I’ve only had it 15 days :frowning:


All the Trust Level 3 (Regular) badges seem to have changed to 2 :thinking:

@cookywook Do we know what happened… It’s everyone just check even @Rat_au_van :smile:


Oh I don’t like that! I’ve been demoted in the last half hour


I am sure I was a regular?

Edit: Oh I still am.

Oh nice, now it’s less clear that I spend all day looking at the forum for my bank :sunglasses:


Something’s not right. The text says ‘Regular’ but the trust level number is 2, not 3. Looking at the documentation, 2 should be ‘Member’.

Hopefully someone’s just flipped the wrong switch somewhere…

I dunno what mine is as I have a rocket

Means you’re an investor, it would appear.

Haven’t had the green dot of perpetual disappointment so it’s not a my bad :grin:
Doesn’t make any difference but it’s unusual

Yah, I don’t want it though I want numbers

Sorry to bump an old thread but didn’t want to create a new thread.

With the recent influx of new investors (and their respective badges/flair in the forum) - can I ask for one small request.

Could members with both the “monzo staff” and “investor” flair have the monzo logo as the default flair?

I think it would just make it all the more clear when someone representing Monzo is replying.


I thought the Monzo badge was default for all Monzo staff? As far as I’m aware only the community moderators can change flair?

@cookywook should be able to clarify, if he would be so kind please? :stuck_out_tongue:

If not then yes I agree :slight_smile:

It seems the Investor Flair has priority over the Monzo one.

Admittedly there isn’t a huge list of Monzo staff, that are also investor (flaired), that are also active on the forum - but I think just makes it a touch clearer.

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If you look through the group member list assigned to monzo employees, you can see a few of them with the investor flairs instead of the monzo logo.

Ahh I’ve just looked through the list and you’re right. There aren’t many but there are some!

Edit: @Chapuys beat me to it :smiley:


Ah, it looks like a few staff got flagged when we bulk-added the Investor badge after crowdfunding.

I’ve gone through and fixed some of the staff’s badges now :monzo:


Thanks for the explanation.

I just noticed I never got my investor flair :see_no_evil: