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(Tom) #1036

I’m only seeing the one, a little rocket icon bottom right?


Interesting… I’m seeing the normal “member status” of “1, 2, 3 or 4” and then the investor (rocket) icon overlapping it (if they have one).


Hmm, I’m also just seeing the rocket - maybe close and re-open?

(Tom) #1039

Hang on, that’s literally just popped up for me now, as I was scrolling the page.

Someone is fiddling.

EDIT: Just watched the number appear top right, then jump to top left :thinking:


Me too - It’s going mad :joy:

(Richard Cook) #1041

That’s me! Trying to find the best way to show both your community level and Investor status!

If we get any more flair there’ll be no point in having avatars!
( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #1042

lol I like the number top left rocket bottom right

(Tom) #1043

Both at the bottom?


Likewise it’s just happened on mine.

I can see my number on the top left, same for @nickh and @Hatticus, although just a second ago, the number icon was on the top right. Think you’re right, some tweaking going on here!




I think that might obscure the profile pic too much.

@cookywook - Can you make them smaller?

(Richard Cook) #1047

I’ve set it back to default until I have a good solution for this.

If we get any more flair there’ll be no point in having avatars!
( #1048

Both at the bottom is the clear answer. Both at the top makes a Mickey Mouse. One top, one bottom in whatever configuration would be an abomination.


Not sure if you want to overwrite the badges for Coral Crew though (which are showing as investors rather than Coral Crew).


I’ve changed mine manually. I think.


Oh crikey. I was a 4 and a rocket earlier. Now I’m double 4… :scream:


Showing as just the 1 4 for me (perhaps refresh/restart?)


Sorted! I was beginning to think that you could have too much hot coral…


Just change the background colour for rocket :rocket: one to whatever community level someone holds, if possible of course.


Just going back to this @cookywook - I think it would be a wise decision to be able to show both the trust level, and the investor status in some way shape or form.

I’ve already seen comments from investors, that you think “Jeez, haven’t you been reading anything?”, before realising they are brand new to the forum.

Showing the trust level is a good measure of the user in my experience :smiley: