Help us improve social payment features 🙏🏼

Thanks for the feedback @JIMMWX, I will share this with the squad today :hot_coral_heart:


On a personal note on bill splits. I have 2 that I can’t get rid of. I must have split them but now the split screen is gone so I don’t know who I split with and I can’t cancel my end. May just be an old bug but it’s really annoying. I asked chat once. They couldn’t help then I gave up. Posting here in case the issue is more widespread!

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Worth asking again, then a complaint if they shrug their shoulders a second time?

I know there are sometimes difficulties around these things, but Monzo does need to own it. It’s their app, after all!

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Agreed. It’s just the energy to do it. Just a mild inconvenience. Has been 3 years. Maybe they should no more. Also I assume in the backend they should see what is triggering it being there!

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It just doesn’t work with budgets. If I split a bill of say, £100 and I get £50 back, I would expect this to be added back to my budget. Budgeting is basically broken and useless for me without this!

Have you tagged the receiving payment the same as the spending category to balance it out?

£100 out for food
£50 in for food
£50 spent on food

Unless you mean the overall budget figure for the period you set, then I’m not sure how to fix that bit :see_no_evil:

Here are my thoughts on potential improvements to social payment features. For each section (Bill splits and payment requests, Shared tabs, Other), I’ve listed the features/improvements in order of my personal preference.

Looking forwards to seeing the improvements in Monzo’s social payments features!

Bill splits and payment requests

• Being able to send reminders for payment requests like you can with bill splits.

• Tracking of bill split payments and payment requests, so they get marked as paid (this could also be useful for Monzo Business customers who use the feature to get paid for invoices via

• Including a note when you send a bill split, so you can explain what a bill split is for.

Split received money.

• Being able to bill split the remaining amount after already sending a bill split for that transaction.

• Share receipts when sending a bill split.

Editing bill splits.

Shared tabs

Partially settle a shared tab.

• Being able to add a note/description of what the transaction is for when adding an item to a shared tab and being able to add a receipt/share a receipt added to your transaction.

Calculate splits in local currency. The issue of transactions needing time to settle would need to be overcome.

• Different options when dividing up a shared tab item (percentages, shares - basically what Splitwise has).


• I think it would be good to be able to share your account details from Payments → Request, since that seems like a natural place to find that option (this might be more of a general payments feature, but seems easy to implement?).

Monzo-to-Monzo recurring payments. This would make Monzo easier to use with other Monzo users (network effects etc…).


Would love to be able to bulk pay splits from one or multi people.

For example, me and partner split everything and sometimes they build up. So I’d like to click select all and repay him without needing to go into each split individually.

We split rather than have a shared tab because it doesn’t categories on his account correctly else and he likes to track what he spends.

Hey @awjdean :wave:.

Thanks for all this great feedback. We’re enjoying digesting it all as a squad so please keep it coming.

I just wanted to quickly address this point:

Tracking of bill split payments and payment requests, so they get marked as paid

If I am understanding you correctly, then I’m pleased to say this is something we quietly introduced earlier this year, whereby if a friend of yours uses the link you sent them it should reconcile against the transaction when it eventually gets paid. On the transaction detail it should be marked just like any paid Monzo payment would.

We still have some work to do there (eg what to do instead of “Friend 1”!) but hopefully this will help you keep your finances just that little bit tidier :+1:

Thanks again!


Another employee said the same above. But to be very blunt, as maybe I was too coy in my post about this further up in the thread. Whatever you quietly introduced, it does not work. Never has. My brother on Starling paying me back for his share of the Sky Mobile bill never gets counted, even when paying with the link. Assuming my family who are on Monzo actually pay via the request, it’s always his that are left outstanding as friend 1.

Edit: unless by earlier in the year you mean after June 26th. The last time I did a bill split with my brother on a birthday present for someone. He only ever pays me using the link.

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What steps are you taking to share the link with your brother? Once you’ve split the bill with someone not on Monzo, there should be a ‘Share request link’ button on the bill split widget which will give you a unique link to share with that person. This link is different to what we had before and also different from your general link - it’s completely unique to that transaction and that user’s share of that transaction.

We’ve just tested on both Android and iOS and all is working exactly as we’d expect. :thinking:

If you’re still having trouble with this experience after trying the steps above then feel free to send me the request link and we can take a deeper look for you! :ok_hand:


I don’t think there’s a way for me to check in the app but I’m pretty sure it’ll be the link I’m provided with when splitting it.

Whether or not it’s the link my brother uses, I’m not sure. I have one of the old plus vanity URLs with just my initials, which is easy to remember and type. I’ll have to ask, but I presume he’d just click the link I send on Signal.

I’ll run a test with him later and report back with screenshots etc to document everything.


Yeah if he’s using your vanity URL then it won’t reconcile. Your brother has to be using the exact link we provide on the bill split widget. This requires you to share it every time you bill split with someone not on Monzo as it’s completely unique and they can’t just use the same link they did last bill split.

Keen to see how your testing goes later! :raised_hands:


That’s great news! Thanks for the update!

Out of interest, does the unique link expire after it has been used to pay the bill split ?

Being able to edit the name (friend 1 etc…) would be a nice addition I think.

Yep, sorry I didn’t make it clear when I said “ link you sent them”, I meant the one generated from the bill-split :man_facepalming:

+1 to losing the “Friend 1”. As a squad we have the non-Monzo payment experience (both on the sending and receiving end) very much on our minds. The feature we’re discussing is just a tiny step towards smoothing that out.


Apologies for the delay. I did test this last night and began writing out this post, but then a personal crisis occurred so I didn’t have time to finish and post.

My brother wasn’t available (still at work!) so ran the test with a different friend.

Step 1: pick a transaction to split! I like this one:

This a bit of a UX problem, which is important, and that’ll become clear later. I didn’t screenshot it in this attempt because I wasn’t expecting it to be a crucial point in the flow, but this screen:

Tapping request money is the end of the flow. Takes you right back to the transaction. The app doesn’t make a distinction with the share link option, and I think it’s important to make because I suspect it’s slipping other folks up as well.

Now, back to step 2:Select a character!

Second from the left under the black bar.

Step 3: send the link

Step 4: receive the payment so head back to the app.

Still greyed out on the transaction page, which was expected from past experience.

Step 5: Go to the transaction to confirm it had actually been received in case the notification lied to me.

Yup! Time stamped the same time as the prior screenshot. But then I noticed the payment had identified a linked payment, so I tapped that. Lo and behold:

It worked! That’s quite the twist I wasn’t expecting.

I went back and checked my messages to my brother, and then correlated this with the Monzo feed. It seems the issue here is, in part, one of user error, I suspect as a result of the current UX with the dead-ended flow. My links haven’t always been the unique link.

The transactions don’t auto refresh to reflect when these friends pay you either. So there’s some instances where it looked like they hadn’t at the time of receiving the payment, but having gone back through, two of them have since propagated, but not every one of them, though again, I don’t know if in those instances he clicked the unique link, or used an old one, or what. He doesn’t remember either. I’ll go back to using the feature and keep an eye on it.

In order for that Waggel transaction to confirm the bill split had been paid I had to tap through to it from their payment. Going to it from my feed meant it was still greyed out with the blue share request link text.

I wish it wasn’t so reliant on the other users to do things the right way to actually count it though. Or a manual way to apply a payment to a bill split would be nice so I can finally get rid of this long list:



Monzo 1.0 seemed to want to automate everything. Some of it worked, quite a lot (like predicted outgoings in Summary) didn’t. Having the ability to manage things manually and tidy things up would be neat.


There’s one little automation that could work quite well here though. The payment link which links the payment to the bill also collects the person’s name. Should be fairly straightforward for Monzo to link that name to the friend on the transaction, and display that as opposed to friend 1.

That would be welcome. I think some folks were asking for a way to do this manually above, but I think this is an instance where the automated way might be bother better in the end result, and the easier to build in the short term.

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Oh yes, automate where you can. But properly and effectively, and with the ability to override if needed!

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I think it would also be useful if the non-Monzo bill splits showed up under Shared payments along with Monzo-to-Monzo bill splits (if they don’t already).

Basically, as much feature parity between Monzo-to-Monzo bill splits, non-Monzo bill splits, and Monzo-to-Monzo payment requests would be great, so that once the requests are sent they are all treated the same.

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