Edit Bill Splits

We can now cancel Bill Splits, which was a much needed feature. However, it’s not currently possible to cannot cancel a single Bill Split for a transaction (only all the Bill Splits sent for that transaction) and once a Bill Split is canceled you cannot send another Bill Split.

The ability to edit Bill Splits with the following features would be incredibly useful:

  • Cancel individual Bill Splits for transactions - the money for canceled Bill Splits would be reallocated to the splitter’s share in the UI.

  • Send an additional Bill Split request using the splitter’s allocation.
    (eg: transaction worth £10 split as: splitter = £6, person A = £4. At a later time, splitter could split their £6 allocation with person B).

  • Change the value of Bill Splits which have been already sent - money used(/gained) from increasing(/decreasing) the value of a Bill Split would decrease(/increase) the splitter’s share.

Remember to vote if you want Monzo to build the ability to edit Bill Splits.

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I noticed this today. I accidentally split the bill the wrong way round (with the bigger amount to the incorrect person). I cancelled it and expected to be able to resend it. I couldn’t. Slightly annoying.


I can cancel a bill split and then either create a new split or add to a shared tab :android: v2.60.1. Parity issue?