Bill Splitting πŸ‘­

Bill Splitting

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Split the bill with more than one person and get an update when each of your friends pays you back.

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I would love to hear an update on this… It has been some time since the initial post and I know there are plenty of comments elsewhere on the forum asking about this kind of thing.

Also - will this be tied to some view on β€œthe following people have not yet paid you for split bills”?

Not sure why this has been dragged back up again (or why it is here for that matter) but the feature is live so no more updates are needed.

The topic for feedback and suggesting additional features is here: Bill splitting made simple πŸŽ‰

I know bill splitting is live, but the notifcations of when people pay you back (or more specifically not) are somewhat lacking, hence my comment. I thought Monzo closed topics when things were properly live.

They have a topic when it is in labs. EG the current shared tabs feature:

Then when the feature goes live they lock it. Going forward it then gets its own dedicated topic linked to the blog announcement like link I gave you in my last comment :slight_smile:


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This is one of the best features!

Hey guys, I have been using Monzo a while and loving every bit of it. I moved my current account over around a month ago and have not regretted it since, but with that said there are some features I feel would benefit the app.

I love the split bill feature but I cannot help but feel it is missing something, some of my friends have no adopted Monzo yet and some prefer to use other methods to pay me back ( like PayPal), it would be amazing if in the transaction details I can mark which friends have already paid through other methods and also link the transaction so it can deduct it off the overall bill. this would allow anyone to pay me back however they see fit while I’m still able to use the bill splitting feature

just giving my 2 cents to this amazing bank and i apologise if this idea has been posted before.

look forward to discussing this more

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