Split received money

I’m surprised that this hasn’t been mentioned otherwise it’s a huge faux pas on my part because I couldn’t find it…

Why can’t I split money that I’ve received?

The scenario is as follows:
I purchased something for the house, split the bill with my partner… all great so far. Then I received a partial refund and now I need to give my partner half of the refund money back.

I suck at math and I’m lazy, so I was surprised that I’ve only just noticed at this late in the game that you can’t split received payments. So here I am asking for this to be considered :pray:

Thank you for your time :heart:

Support this. Encountered the need a lot this past year obviously with tickets when concert/night/event is cancelled.


I think this could work well.

Monzo-to-Monzo payments for paying Monzo users and ‘Send money using link’ for paying non-Monzo users.



Just had a refund (cheque) that credited today that I need to un-bill share :slight_smile:


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