Help us improve Shared tabs 🙏

Hi Everyone :wave:

I’m Vani, a Product Manager with the growth team at Monzo. I have been with Monzo for about 6 months now and it’s been great. We’re working on improving the Shared Tabs feature, and we’d love to get your feedback on it.

We’re looking for thoughts on:

  • what you love and find most useful about shared tabs
  • what you don’t like or find hard to use and understand
  • what you think is missing from shared tabs that you’d like to be able to do
  • are you using any alternative solutions to shared tabs, if so, why

A quick search shows a few issues with Shared Tabs. We’ve made a few polish improvements to it already and we’re currently working on adding the functionality of using shared tabs with non-monzo users. We’d like to get your input to further elevate the feature.

No comment is too big or small. It’s all helpful to us, and we’ll do all we can to improve Shared tabs for everyone.

Let me know if you’ve got any questions and I’ll try my best to answer them :smile:

Thank you for your support!


I’m glad to see this getting love! :fire:

I’ve collated some of my own ideal things, and some things that people have mentioned previously here:

  • Add transactions from Connected Accounts to Shared Tabs
  • Ability to partially pay off a shared tab (ie, I owe £1,000, but I want to pay them £200 on payday towards the shared tab, pay that & still owe £800).
  • Shared Tabs & Foreign Transactions, I think I remember that these get added to the tab at the existing rate, and not the settled amount & doesn’t update?
  • Change the split of items individually when bulk adding items to a shared tab
  • Close a tab with pending amounts there - they may have paid me back in cash, or bought me something else etc. I can’t now close that tab and have to do gymnastics of Monzo allocations to counter out that outstanding amount etc.
  • Images for shared tabs would be kinda fun :eyes:
  • Show on the transaction feed whether something’s in a shared tab or not? So that I can easily identify things that need adding to the feed etc
  • When adding things, not everyone on the tab will have to pay for it - ie, I went on holiday & everyone ate, but someone went off & did their own thing. I have to then take that person out the split, but then their amount gets added to mine, and then I have to work out what it is divided by n-1 instead. Just … y’know … let me select who it’s split with! :eyes:

After this can the split bill feature be improved please. We use this far more and in its current state it’s very laborious to pay them :pray:


Second this. Would be great if I could add maybe a receipt to a transaction and then tag who bought what?

(this is also a shame flux kinda died a sad death as this would have been fantastic to make it automatic)

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I use shared tabs a lot with my partner particularly when on holiday that we can settle when we get home.
Overall I find it easy to set up and add to.

The only suggestion i can think of is being able to pay your share using flex. So when paying having a choice for the source of the payment funds.

Thank you for working to improve shared tabs!

Here’s my list:

  • Show transactions from all accounts including connected ones, with the ability to add them to the tab
    — On that, transactions from connected accounts should be able to be added from the transaction screen itself (rather than having to go to the shared tab screen)
  • Partial payments also for me
  • Transactions should show straight away as available - currently if I make a transaction right now, it won’t show as available to be added to the tab until later, I think it’s a few hours to a day, but when a shared transaction happens I want to be able to add it to a tab there and then so as not to forget it later (so I end up adding it manually)

Perhaps we need a poll to gauge the most popular requests…

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Having a shared tab when I’m on holiday is great. Me and my partner take turn paying for things to help balance it out, and then we pay the difference once we are home. Keeps things fair (as we do everything 50/50).

When adding mulitple transactions, you either need to manually work out the split if some transactions are split differently (not even), and then add in one go, or add each transaction seperately.
Even if I select multiple items, I should be asked the split for each one. You could keep the existing combined split functionlaity as default, but add a button that then goes through each transaction seperately if needed.
Adding on to this, being able to select a percentage split, instead of cash value, would help. Has my dad paid for both his and myum’s sahre of the meal, but I’ve paid mine and my partner has paid his. I should be able to say that my dad owes 50%, and we owe 25% each, and Monzo works out the value of that. (Bonus for adding this to “split bill” too.)

We can’t add connected account or Joint account transactions. Instead of allowing us to add transactions from these directly, maybe allowing us to add these accounts as a “person” to the tab, so that incoming “pay tab” payments show seperately in the feed. This way, I know that I’m owed £4.50 from my personal account transactions, £2.10 from my joint account (paid directly to Joint), and £36.41 for the transactions on my credit card.

I also agree that we need partial payments. However that could be messy. What if a shared tab has 3 people in it. You owe Person A £100, and Person B £20, and you partially pay £30. How is that split? Maybe a “shared tab pot” where all payments are sent to, and only once everything is paid can it be withdrawn and it pays what everyone is owed. This also means only 1 “tab paid” transaction shows in the list instead of mulitple incoming payments.

Adding incoming payments to the shared tab would also be nice. Had a partial refund? Someone has paid part of their share of the tab to your NatWest account? Want to be nice and share that cashback? These can be added to the tab.


Add a “add to shared tab” button when clicking on a transaction.

This already exists. Only shows for Flex and Personal account transactions, but it’s there.

oh cool, didn’t realise :person_facepalming:

It would be nice to have a hot key to make one person pay for an entire item.

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The ability to add non-monzo users to a shared tab, and generate a link for them from the shared tab screen would be so useful! Something similar to what we already have in the ‘split the bill’ functionality would be so useful (even if they have to wait until the tab is marked as settled to pay their share).

I understand that you guys obviously want more people to move over to monzo to use these great features, but I’d see this as an opportunity to show off what you have to offer!


simple but allow longer typed messages to be read once added - currently you can only read the full message in the initial notification and once that is pressed its gone! e.g. Allow the full bill explanation to be seen when looking at the shared tab

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My wishlist:

Add transactions from connected accounts such as non Monzo credit cards, currently have to do these manually. It’s a pain having to wait for them to go from pending too before categorising or adding notes.

Allow part payments, ie £50 now for that meal and I’ll pay you the rest when I get paid, etc

When allocating the spilt, if I want to pay £10 lock that in and let me split the rest, etc

Allow different splits for multiple transactions

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This sounds great.

A few things from me:

  1. Ability to add non monzo users
  2. Ability to partially settle
  3. Ability to click into a transaction and see the split against each person
  4. A way to remove yourself from a transaction. I have just found out you can edit at the top and exclude everyone except yourself from a split. Sometimes you pay for something where you are not party to it.
  5. The ability to exclude people should be more obvious! I only found it while investigating this…

I am sure there are a lot more buts bits but that is it for now!

Great it’s being worked on. I’d like to see the joint account behave like a unique person in the tab, rather than having to use each personal account to settle the tab.

Within the tab, the ability to click on the item and expand. Currently it only shows a list.

Please add being able to close a tab, for any reason you wish.

I’m part of a tab where everyone has settled and is happy, but there is an outstanding balance.

The person that is technically owed money doesn’t want this money, and they don’t know how to delete / readd a transaction to make everyone’s balances be exactly at £0.

This tab has been there so long, that two of the people in this tab are now ex partners. That cannot feel great for them. But they literally cannot leave the tab, and must be reminded of their ex partner and this trip in the Monzo app.

Realistically, the tab owner should get a prompt “Are you SURE you want to close this tab, there is an outstanding balance, etc etc” rather than “you cannot close the tab”.


Would love this! A group of us went in holiday in 2022 and settled everything up by the end of the trip. Yet the shared tab insists there is an outstanding balance on it - but when you go to pay the balance, it never lets us and crashes out. Annoying having it sat there.


+1 for partial settle and for connected account transactions to be added to tab